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Having All of the Problems I See Here on This Forum


Having All of the Problems I See Here on This Forum

We have four Epic 4G Touches. All of them are having issues. We bought them in February 2012. So, I assume they are still under warranty.

Last week, we called a local Sprint store to explain the charging issues we were having. The person told my husband that while we weren't ready for upgrades, we could cancel our contract for $275, sell them these phones and get IPhone 4's for $10. So we all load up and head down there. Very long story short, it was going to cost $1600 to deal with all four phones. So back in the car and head home.

In ten months

  • We have gone through approximately three chargers each. They simply quit charging. Plugging them in to the computer is no help. The computer does not even recognize that anything has been plugged in.
  • After the last system update, the batteries will not maintain a charge throughout the day. Even with NO usage. I have removed apps (that I can) and let it just sit to see what happens.
  • My phone randomly shuts down.
  • The battery is "swelling."

We have been told to take apps off the phones to preserve the battery. What good is a smart phone with no apps? How ridiculous! I paid a lot of money for this phone so that I could load it up with apps, watch tv, movies, read, books and magazines, play games, check both my email accounts, text, take pictures, play music, use it as an alarm clock, all on a larger screen. To be told that I the apps are draining the battery is unacceptable. Never had this problem with our iPhones that we sold to Sprint for $100 each to put towards these inferior peices of crap.

We have been told that we are overcharging our phones. I have never in my life heard of such a thing. How is it overcharging to put it on a charger overnight? Should I set an alarm to go off and wake up in the middle of the night to unplug it?

Last night, I took my phone off the ONE charger we have left that works in our house (my oldest son is convinced our phones have an std that is being transmitted through the mini usb cords,) went to use it to check Facebook and it shut down. I powered it back up. Shut down again. I took the battery out, waited and powered it on, saying that it had 90% battery. Then it shut down, again.

My son went to charge his phone on the charger I just unplugged from and the charger would not work. I should mention that I have bought cheap chargers, expensive chargers and samsung brand chargers. One of my sons got a battery charger that he plugs the bettery into the wall with and that has worked. But he has to take it out of his phone to do it.

I threw the cord across the room, took the phone apart and walked out of the room before I threw the phone.

I took two of our phones and ended up charging them in the car. I made sure to unplug them as soon as the batteries were charged. Didn't want to overcharge again. 

I decided not to deal with Sprint and deal with Samsung, it's their product. No contact number on their website. The troubleshooting page for this phone is down. And it says something about no email. So I filled out the form on the site. And told them this product and their attention to customer service is horrible. I doubt if anything will ever come of it. 

I called the number inside the phone, which turns out to be Sprint. The tech is sending me a replacement phone, battery and charger, after explaining everything that happened. Which is great...

BUT I feel like the same thing going to happen with that one. I guarantee I will not be updating it. And it doesn't deal with the other three Epic 4G's that we own, that are also having battery drain problems, and have killed multiple chargers. Fortunately, none of their batteries appear to be swelling, so I don't have to worry about them exploding in my kids' pockets and eating holes in their legs, or other body parts.

Is that what it's going to take? Severe bodily injury for someone to do something about these products?

Just needed to blow off some steam, comiserate and see if anyone has ANY real suggestions that don't involve removing apps or rooting or haviing a fit in a Sprint store?



Re: Having All of the Problems I See Here on This Forum


Understand the frustration.

Let's tackle the problems into 2 main categories: Battery/Charger/PC Connection and Software.

Batteries - Seems like most batteries are starting to fail between 9-12 months.

The random shutoffs and swelling battery are two of the most common telltale signs.

Easiest solutions are contact Samsung Support, I'm including a contact link here:

(There is a Live Chat option there)

You can also try to address with Sprint but it seems that the "official" line is that they don't have to help you.

Many of them, as I've been told in private discussions, will do what they can if you talk to them nicely and they have resources available.

That's why I suggest to many people to call corp stores first - you'll often get a better reception from folks over the phone.

And the batteries won't explode, they'll just fail.  So don't need to worry about that.

Chargers - I recommend using the Samsung one only as I think personally this may be a factor.
Samsung seems to charge at slower rates than my LG charger - the phone using that charger had the first battery already die.

Can't confirm if related but it would seem pusing power to it faster could kill the battery faster.  Same concept with electric cars and rapid charging.

PC connection:  I recommend getting the latest USB drivers from Samsung using the same link above.

They were updated 12/16 and seems to have made a difference.

Now, onto software.  ICS honestly I've given up on - and so apparently has Sprint as they've moved development efforts to JB.

As I posted here you can follow Sprint's progress here:

This will tell you what their current test build is - current was built on 12/16/2012, Android 4.1.2

It is available on the internet and I can say that IMHO I'll never go back to ICS.

Hopefully this will become the official release next month and then everyone can enjoy what we have been unofficially.

Hope this clears up what I can - feel free to ask any follow-up questions!


Re: Having All of the Problems I See Here on This Forum

I recommend replacing the batteries as well.  Mine was doing the same thing (though I bought my phone in July 2011).  I did a reset and installed a new battery and now I can hold a charge all day (provided I don't play my favorite game for a few hours, which takes a lot of battery).  But regular use with internet and texting, phone calls, etc I can get over 18 hours on my new battery.  If I play that one game I can drain it in a few hours, but it is an intense online game so it uses a lot of juice!

And go with an authentic Samsung battery, I tried an off brand battery and it was a hunk of junk.

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