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How do I uninstall the latest "updates"?


How do I uninstall the latest "updates"?

Let me start off my saying how much I HATE companies that require you to get support from the "community"!  I guess we don't pay them enough for them to support us directly?!?  Instead, we're obligated to ask each other for help??  That's just lame!

OK, I've had my Galaxy S II for probably at least 6 months now.  It had it quirks, but most things I needed it for worked (except outgoing mail, but who uses that?!?  ).  2 weeks ago, my phone prompts me "we have a new version of this-and-that, including the OS - shall we install them?".  Like an IDIOT, I said YES.  The phone starts downloading all the new BUGS and installs them on my phone.  Now all kinds of things are broken!!!  I don't mind changes as long as you don't take away functionality or break things!  I DON'T WANT YOUR NEW BUGS!!!!

How do I revert my phone back to the old firmware (and apps)?!?

And, what, the Samsung S II is too old for its own catagory?!?!


Hello.  Sorry to hear about the trouble with your update to Ice Cream Sandwich.  It's actually a really great OS with some pretty awesome features.  We DO have a GSII forum, you have to be on the "Overview" tab to see all of the devices.  It's also called the Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

There's some really great information in this forum if you are having trouble after the update.  You may want to find a Sprint Service & Repair Center by clicking the "Find a Store" link at the top of the page.  The technicians at the store will be able to re-push the update to your phone to ensure it finalized properly which some are saying is causing these issues.  And, if they have it available, they may be able to reflash your software back to Gingerbread, but we could not guarantee this would be the case.  Ice Cream Sandwich is a better, more stable OS, once it is working properly. 

Hope this helps,


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