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How long does the update take??


How long does the update take??

I started the update at 7am PST today and now it is 9:41am and it is still going! Or at least I hope so, it is stuck on the 4G welcome screen.

I had a fully charged battery when I started the update and it was completely dead by 9am. I plugged in the phone and turned phone back on and nothing. Still will only load to 4G screen.

Anyone else having this problem. This is my only form of communication, no land line.


Re: How long does the update take??

To all struggling with or interested in the ICS update to the Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S2:

Please consider reviewing the link below and adding your thoughts on the larger mobile computing/Android industry implications raised by the flawed ICS update.

Thank you.

Re: Failed and COSTLY Ice Cream Sandwich update and Swype fix (Epic 4G Touch Samsung Galaxy S2)

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