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ICS Stock Email Client STILL DOES NOT SUPPORT HTML!!! Are you kidding?


ICS Stock Email Client STILL DOES NOT SUPPORT HTML!!! Are you kidding?

I am at my wits end with Sprint/Samsung.

I had to give up my Windows "Smart Phone" 2 years ago when Sprint essentially stopped selling Windows Phones and opted for Android.

Here we are, 2 years later and I still can't set the email client so it displays HTML!!! Seriously?? And there are other issues.

Without the ability to set email to HTML mode, all messages display as though on a text only phone, like NexTel phones FROM 10 YEARS AGO!!!!

Even if you set the "Size to retrieve emails" to All, you have to tap "VIew Entire Email", and then it displays "Downloading." What? I set it to All, what does "All" mean other than "All", and then cross your fingers in hopes it will not timeout while downloading the message, which even over WiFi, takes several seconds. This is necessary for each and every message. To add insult to injury, for large messages, it takes several swipes to get all the way to the bottom to see the "View Entire Email" tap. Did ANYONE test this or am I a Beta Tester? No one at Sprint or Samsung?

What a pitiful  combination of inferiority is Samsung/Sprint.

So I installed Seven+ Email from Microsoft, for Hotmail. Now it too requires an annoying tap "Show Images" for every message, as if I am a child who has to consent to seeing pretty pictures. But at least the response is instantaeous.

Next is the Calendar issue. The Calendar has a bug that does not store setting the Default Calendar to the Seven+ Hotmail app, so I have to configure both the stock email client AND Seven+ Hotmail app to synch, which doubles the sync operation, running down the battery all the quicker.

OK So the moral to the story is Microsoft hates Google and vice versa.

SO WHEN IS SPRINT GOING TO SELL A REAL WINDOWS PHONE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Other issues:

Battery "life"  has gone from 8-12 hrs to 4-5 making the phone near useless.

Reception: I have to have an Airave in my home becasue I live "way out in the boondocks," ehemm, 9 miles north of a city of >1 million. I have no signal in my home or neighborhood. I used to have 1 bar outsode my home, now nothing. If I stand more than 15 feet from my Airave, it drops to 1-2 bars. 


I can now hear my VMail.

Email Client permits editing replies/forwards.

Music Player sorrts in Album order (vs. alphabetical order of song title)

Not sure of GPS which was flaky at best. I will test today, but I am also going to the Sprint Repair Center to downgrade back to Gingerbread because the 4-5 Hour life and recepotion problems are insurmountable.


Re: ICS Stock Email Client STILL DOES NOT SUPPORT HTML!!! Are you kidding?

I went to the Sprint Repair Store today but they did not have a Tech on site who could downgrade to Gingerbread today, so I have to go back tomorrow.

I did however set up my email on the Galaxy SIII and it resolved one of the issues, Calendar Integration and it includes an option to View Images in Settings, however it made no difference.

The mail client otherwise responded the same. Setting the Message Size to All made no difference, it was necessary to tap View Entire Email for every message, regardless of the size selected. I fiddles with this, setting it to .5K, 2K 10K and All but they all acted the same. The worst of it was that messages that were less than the limit still required you to tap View Entire Email. And as with the GSII, you had to wait every single time for the message to actually download, so again, what is the point of All?

This is just plain pitiful an is a Samsung issue since they implement the email client.

My experience with Samsung is that they have not fixed their issues, or only partially fix them, and either expect you to use a third party app, or worse, purchase a different phone.

In this case, I would need to buy the SIII so I could use a 3rd Party App (Microsoft + Seven Email for Hotmail) which the SII doesn't support due to a bug in the Calendar software (cannot set 3rd Party Apps as Default Calendar - I reported it to Samsung, they said they would fix it, but didn't) .

This to me is an assault on America from a Korean company, which is requiring us to buy more hardware to fix their refusal to fix their software bugs.

I did that a year ago when I "upgraded " from the original Epic, to the Epic Touch. 

With this, in my opinion Samsung is not a reputable company that should be shunned.


Re: ICS Stock Email Client STILL DOES NOT SUPPORT HTML!!! Are you kidding?

My Samsung Galaxy S II phone was just recently updated to Android V 4.0.4 ("Ice Cream Sandwich") via a "push" that occurred on 8/1/2012 right after midnight. The first time I opened an email message, I noticed that it was in plain text where they had been in HTML prior to the update. I searched through the options in the phone and could not find anywhere to change the email display back to HTML. Today, I went to a Sprint store and asked them for help with this issue. The technician spent about 30 minutes with my phone and did some research via his PC and finally told me that HTML email was no longer supported for the "Ice Cream Sandwich" update. He told me this wasn't something that Sprint had done; but the Android OS had been changed and the ICS email client no longer provided the HTML option. His suggestion was to search the Google Play store for an Android email client application which would display email messages in HTML and install that. 

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