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ICS update: Contacts no longer have full information / Other issues


ICS update: Contacts no longer have full information / Other issues

I tried reading through the threads here to find a solution, but with no luck. Has anyone else noticed that their contacts are now missing information such as addresses? I no longer have an option for their email addresses either.There is no option to add or edit for the rest of the information my contacts used to have. I was trying to get to a client and realized I no longer had the address so I could use my TeleNav.

I read that I am not the only one experiencing the battery drain and extreme unit heat. I'm going to see about fixing that the way some of you already have. I noticed that I no longer show 3G on my connections menu either. Just WiFi and 4G.

My gmail is reset and I can't find a way to fix that either. The threads are not staying grouped under one subject, rather I am now seeing every person's response with their email address, but not what the reply is related to.

Swype keeps forgetting its settings every time I send a text message. It also is not suggesting alternate words or my own dictionary words anymore.

It seems like a lot of options keep forgetting their settings, actually. The font changed with the patch, and I set it to something else, then, after the next charge it was reset back. All my preferences for display keep resetting as well.

Are you guys just calling Sprint with your issues or does someone actually come here to address these things? I am new to this message board.


Re: ICS update: Contacts no longer have full information / Other issues

Many times after major Android software updates, some random issues will crop up. Usually it is related to files that became corrupted in the upgrade process from the old software to the new software. The upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich is a major shift i nthe udnerlying architecture of Android and may have more visible issues in this regard. I haven't had any of the issues you describe on my Epic Touch, so most are likely related to files that became corrupted in the upgrade process.

My recommendation is to first try clearing the cache in any applications experiencing issues. You can do this by going to Settings > Applications and finding the app itself in the list, pre-installed apps are listed under "ALL". If clearing the cache does not work, you can try clearing the data. This will take the application back to stock settings just like it came out of the box or a fresh install from the Play Store.

In some cases if you have a lot of apps having issues, it may be faster or more efficient to just wipe the entire phone than figure out which apps are having corruption issues. Not ideal, but kind of a side effect of having so many customizable options and third-party apps available in the Play Store.

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