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ICS update: No solution for those of us that got the July update


ICS update: No solution for those of us that got the July update

I just got off the phone with Sprint customer service.  I told them about my issues with ICS and asked if there would be a fix for us that got the July update...nope.  She even admitted it was a flawed update.  Yet, no solution other than us taking our phones in and have them wiped out & the August ICS installed.  I asked what happens to the apps I paid for, if I can redownload them without paying again...not guaranteed. 

Oh and of course, if it's an issue that your phone needs replacing you'll be getting a refurbished phone.  Not helping me since I'm leaving for vacation on Thursday with a phone that can barely pick up a signal and going to an area Sprint service isn't great to begin with so I won't be here when that refurbished phone will be delivered. 


Re: ICS update: No solution for those of us that got the July update

I'm normally not a huge defender of Sprint when it comes to the Epic 4G Touch update.


1: All apps you pay for can ALL be retrieved as long as you can access your gmail account, so as long as you can remember that password you can get all of the apps you need.

So that should solve your issues, I say no big deal, just take it in and get the august update put on it. That should solve your issues.

That should be the quick fix for your trip on Thursday. Put music and photos should be on your sd card, and you can also put your contacts on an SD card..  (just make sure to take out the SD card when they wipe your phone)

Good luck though, I realize it's a pain, but jumping to Android 4.0 was a big leap, so I can understand some complications.

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