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ICS update broke HDMI support


ICS update broke HDMI support

After the ICS update, I'm no longer able to display video via a HDMI adapter to TVs.  This worked before ICS.  My wife's Epic 4G Touch, which was not updated to ICS, works as well.  The TV acknowledges a signal, but neither video is displayed nor audio played.  Half of the times I tried, my phone would lock up.  The other half, it would get warm to the touch.  Either way, shortly after connecting to the TV the led would flash a quick purple color, as if switching between red and blue, and it would reboot.  Replacing my phone with my wife's non-updated Epic 4G Touch in the setup would work without issue.


Re: ICS update broke HDMI support

Also having issues with HDMI since the update to ICS.  Lucky for me I can still connect, however the image is no longer fills the screen of my TV.  The image looks full screen and has black bars on the sides.  Anyone else having issues?


Re: ICS update broke HDMI support

I'm having issues with my MHL Adapter...

Android's logcat says EDIDRead() error and then reverts to DVI mode.

It's a non-standard adapter though (Menotek branded)

I've flashed stock a couple times with no fixing it

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