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I purchased my s2 the end of july; I bought the white one for me, my husband the black. His phone, knock on wood, works fine, no problems to date. Mine however, has been a issue since I bought it, and I'm sorry I even got it now! I have been with Sprint for about 10 years, maybe longer, and have never experienced such horrible customer service! I have spent wasteful hours on the phone, just to be a told a tower in my area is out, wasteful hours at the corporate repair stores, only to be sent away unhelped, and lied to, and even spoke with a getleman from corporate, who during our most reecnt conversation, informed me in my mid-sentence that the building was being evacuated and he would have to call me back/.....that was 3 days ago! Guess that is one way to get off the phone when you don't know how to help a customer! I have major issues with this phone: its always data roaming, even in my own home, and most recently, i cannot receive texts or incoming calls, but at times i can send one or make one! While I hate to admit tht I depend on my phone, I do, especially because my kids and family need to reach me during the day when I am at work.......I have had several emergencies over the past 2 weeks, and both times, had a malfunctioning phone and was unable to reach someone for help! tHERE IS JUST NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW FRUSTRATED AND UPSET I AM OVER THIS ISSUE.  All i have asked for is a NEW phone, not a refurbished one.......sprint refuses to help me! They haven't even offered any type of compensation towards my bill for the inconvenience and lack of service. I have 3 people in my house using sprint, and my phone is the only one that doesnt work..........they have confirmed that it definitely is the phone......they even sent me an airwave  device for my home.........doesnt help at all....not with my phone, anyway. So here i am, still stuck with a phone that no one can reach me on, and there is sprint...making sure my bill is paid on time. I feel your pain....for all of you having the same problem as me with this phone. Just a note, Samsung wasn;t much help anyway.....i can send it to them, be without a phone for 2 weeks, and they can attempt to repair it, but if they can't , they wont replace it..........what kind of warranty is that????? should have went with the iphone so, as a last resort, i have now filed a complaint with the FCC, and have also contacted a local news station here in philadelphia, for some help from there consumer call for action helpline. I advise you all to do the same............ anyone from Sprint care to help me? I know you all read these on my list is a complaint with the state agencies.

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