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Is ANYTHING working properly on this phone?!


Is ANYTHING working properly on this phone?!

I am about this close to skipping my phone down the ice covered street and canceling my Sprint account (which I've had for over ten years). Before I do, I thought I'd come here and see if I can get some help. Last weekend my phone started locking up. The display would randomly turn on, then dim, then stay that way. I had to restart the phone (either by holding down the power button for ten seconds, or by removing the battery) nearly twenty times over the span of one day. The following day (after making sure I had my data backed up), I reset the phone to factory stock (my phone was neither rooted, nor full of odd apps). From the point on, the lock ups were only a couple of times a day, but I would now find the phone randomly in "Car mode", the charging light would come on when not charging, and the phone would tell me that it was connected to a computer via USB when there wasn't even a cable plugged in. After a couple of days of this, I took it to the Sprint store where they performed another factory reset. The problems have since persisted (though intermittently enough that further trips to the service center have resulted in a complete lack of help. Since my initial trip to the service center, my phone has also added the the lovely symptom of answering (and making) nearly every phone call with the speaker phone on.

Does anyone have any ideas? 

Sprint Product Ambassador

Is ANYTHING working properly on this phone?!

Your issues aren't typical with what I'm hearing from other users in the forum so let's get your device checked out.   I would be more than happy to help by opening a ticket through our Employees Helping Customers process, this will get your issues in front of a dedicated issue resolution team to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve what you are experiencing.  I would have also advised taking it to one of our Sprint Retail stores so a service and repair tech can take a look but since you have already gone that route let's try opening a ticket.  If you would like my assistance just let me know, we can take it offline by sending me a private message that way we don't expose any of your personal information.  Hope to hear back from you as I hate to read about bad experiences with this device.  I've had the opportunity to be a Product Ambassador for several of our high end devices over the past year and the Epic Touch has been my favorite to date. 

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