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Is the Samsung Galaxy s2 a world phone?


Is the Samsung Galaxy s2 a world phone?


I just recently got the Samsung Galaxy s2.  I love it so far and just have one question...will the phone work outside the U.S.? I'm planning on going to Norway later this year and I am trying to find out if my phone will work there...thanks!


Re: Is the Samsung Galaxy s2 a world phone?

Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710) is not  a GSM phone. If you want to use your phone in Norway it has to be GSM capable Phone.For more info on International rates,GSM devices and  Dialing contact  888-226-7212, option 2 prior to traveling.You can also visit our website

International Roaming in Norway

Pricing Information  International Dialing 

Voice Pricing: $1.49/minute

Special Voice Pricing: $1.29/min. with SWW Voice add-on

Data Pricing: $0.019/KB

Text Pricing: Send: $0.50/recipient; Received: $0.05/msg

Access Code (GSM): "+"

Hope this helps



Re: Is the Samsung Galaxy s2 a world phone?

The only phones besides unlocked international phones that would reliably work are the ones from at&t. there frequency's match up with the networks in norway

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