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Issues with Epic 4G Touch


Issues with Epic 4G Touch

Based on your feedback, Sprint and Samsung are troubleshooting issues reported by the users.

Most of these issues are intermittent and are not experienced by all customers.  Workarounds are noted below where applicable.  

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.  We apologize for any inconvenience. If we find any more issues we will address them as well.

Radio loses signal - In some cases the device may lose signal and show a circle/slash indicating loss of coverage on the status bar.

Workaround: A full power cycle of the device will resolve the issue and allow the device to begin functioning normally.

Sprint and Samsung are troubleshooting this issue. This issue is not occurring on all devices. 

Weak reception/Goes into Roaming - This issue has been reported by some of our users in community. We are looking into it as well.

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I had the same problem.  I called samsung warrenty and they repaired it.  It's a component defect.  Hopefully you are within the 1 yr warrenty.

They will try to get you to download software but I had already tried everything and the customer service agent just stopped the test.  you have to send the phone to them for a week however


My wife and I both got the E4GT and have both been having the same GPS issue... long time to find location (if ever). 

My fix:  download "GPS Status" from the app store.  it is free.  lets you clear the GPS cache (other posts about clearing GPS cache do not actually work) and more importantly lets you download an AGPS file that tells the GPS unit in your phone WHERE to go looking for satellites.  Now when I am OUTSIDE and turn on my GPS, i get a signal lock within seconds! 

This fix has worked on both my phone and my wife's, so I know it is not a fluke.

Here is the "instruction manual" on how to use GPS Status:

link to GPS Status in the app store:

link to GPS Status FAQ section:

Hope this helps!


The issue is that Sprint uses 1900 Mhz while Verizon uses 850 Mhz.  The lower frequency gets better building penetration.

I have had my GS2 since November.  Service with my Evo 4g and everything else prior to that was fine.  Every since the switch it's been horrible.  My fiance recently switched to Sprint to be on a family plan with me.  She had a 4s on ATT now a 4s on Sprint, service is like night and day.  I live in Atlanta which is one of their major markets that gets evrything first, first for 4g, first for "enhanced" 3g and first for the upcoming 4g LTE.  The problem is that service is pretty much useless with Sprint.  It's not your phone, it's the network.  They signed the contract with Apple and got way more new users than they anticipated.  With everyone including their grandmother is using a smartphone, the network is really being stretched thin.  They do not have the infrastructure to handle the data being used on their network.  There is no win win, sprint has unlimited data but service sucks, other carriers have great service but will kill you with data charges.  Here are my speedtest results I did 5 minutes ago in the heart of Atlanta 545kpbs download and 36kbps upload.  This is laughable, I can't test 4g because I have no 4g signal, go figure.  Also, we are the only carrier in the world who doesnt have the new Ice Cream Sandwich software update.  I really mean across seas and in the US we are the only ones who don't have it.  This just further confirms that whatever Sprint is focused on, it certainly is not providing quality, relaible, and up to date service for their customers.  I am jumping ship ASAP, may even suck up my $650 in ETFs.  When I call into Sprint about delays in text messages, dropped calls etc they just confirm that I have 98% signal in my area, (yeah right) dismissing that real issues me and thousands others are having.  Sprint, you have fell to a new LOW!!!!

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