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Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch


Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch


12/7: Sprint has finally released via OTA EK02 which should hopefully fix the LOS issues. Samsung also released the kernel source today - and from the looks of it, they also fixed a bunch of other issues Sprint won't admit to (or maybe they didn't know about....).


9/29: Shane_M has responded from Sprint with this message:

"The loss of signal issue is an official known issue, Sprint and Samsung are aware of this issue and it will be addressed in a maintenence release. This information is posted on our known issues board and should be accessible by any care or technical support representative you speak with."


This is a growing problem - did a quick search and didn't find anything in here....

The issue is the phone will go into "No Signal" mode randomly and the only way to get out of it is to reboot the phone.  Happens when in sleep mode; with and without wifi on; standing on your head; kissing your wife. Here are the messages spouted in Logcat when it happens:

  • I/TelephonyRegistry( 2716): notifyServiceState: 1 home Searching for service...    Unknown CSS not supported 0 0RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false
  • I/StatusBarPolicy( 2835): onServiceStateChanged-S:1 home Searching for service...    Unknown CSS not supported 0 0RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false
  • D/Mms/SmsReceiverService( 5897): [Mms/SmsReceiverService][SMS]Receiver handleMessage : Action =android.intent.action.SIM_STATE_CHANGED
  • D/PhoneApp( 2874): - state: DISCONNECTED
  • D/PhoneApp( 2874): - reason: radioTurnedOff
  • I/TelephonyRegistry( 2716): notifyServiceState: 3 home null null null  Unknown CSS not supported -1 -1RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false

Anyone see a problem here?  SIM_STATE_CHANGED?  radioTurnedOff?

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I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is the Nexus S reception issues all over again.


No sooner than I my fingerprints on Epic Touch 4G, it dropped a call and took it back. And not to mention the hoops I had to go though to unload the Nexus S while under a two year agreement. Yeah, sure, there's always an update, and I landed on the side where the reception actually got worst after the Nexus 4G update. When I say, I never want to use another Samsung phone again, trust me, never would still be too soon!

Don't believe me?

http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/67927?tstart=0 200,000 hits and the odometer is still running.


Yes, my phone was activated at the store. My phone had issues connecing data out of the box but Best Buy informed me that data may take up to an hour to connect. So a couple days later of horrible connectivity, i returned the phone and had it replaced. Ever since, I been a happy camper. Everything works properly. I been using my new replacement since 9/16. My epic touch is loaded with apps and i constantly run wifi, 4g, and navigation. Beautiful phone!  Will keep this one for a long time.

I do realize that Wifi still has the "scanning issue"... Please fix soon Sammy/Sprint

Edit: Wish Sprint would post how many "LOS" customers have reported vs. how many units sold. Maybe they can track and recall what batch of phones may have defective radios.

Take a wild guess as to how many Epic 4g touch phones have been sold... I'll take the first guess of "200,000 units"?   Am i way off?

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Ok, i might be off a little..Googled how many customers Sprint has and it was upward of 50 million..lol

So, might be quite a bit more.


I'm having the same issues.  The signal on this phone is horrible.  I constantly lose data, and then it will same roam, and I hit roam and don't ask again, and then 1 minute later it will do the same thing, it's constantly doing this and it needs to be fixed.  The data keeps going in and out, also, I know it's not what this thread is about, but the android os keeps running way too high on this phone, sometimes it's as high as 80%.


Put me down as yet another unhappy Epic 4G Touch owner afflicted with loss of signal. My wife and I each own one of these phones, one will only roam (no native Sprint service) for voice and data (on Verizon), the other is fine (for now). 4G and wifi are fine on both. I called Sprint customer service several times about the strange loss of signal on my E4GT on Saturday Oct 1 and was told:

  1. There's a weak tower in my area, it would be fixed shortly. Yet only my phone was affected, not my wife's, not even when they were placed side to side.
  2. The phone needs to be set for Hands Free Activation. But in order for Hands Free Activation to succeed the phone must be in contact with Sprint and the best my E4GT can do is occasionally roam so this procedure fails and that's where my phone remains, stuck in an activation loop. My new E4GT is now useless.

If anybody I spoke with at Sprint knew that the E4GT was having the problems detailed in this thread they kept it to themselves, I only learned that I was not alone after Googling the problem and reading it here. So after purchasing a new phone and extending my contract less than 2 weeks ago this is where I am: I had Sprint move my service back to my slow poke HTC Hero.

At work I convinced my boss to get his own E4GT so I now have some 'splainin' to do. I thank Shane_M for attempting to keep readers here informed about why our new phones are crippled, or in my case totally disabled. He wrote, "This information is posted on our known issues board and should be accessible by any care or technical support representative you speak with." Unfortunately this has not been my experience.


Nice post Don!  I am continuing to pop up with roaming notice today.  Once popped up for making a call, few other times roaming for data few times.  What I do not understand the few times today with data roaming notice I was connected to my wireless router with wifi.  Does not the wifi support the data since wifi automatically shuts down 4G?  On the whole I am becoming very dissatisfied with this phone.  If I had another sprint phone to compare I would know better if phone is to blame totally or also Sprint's network is contributing to the problem.  I am starting to regret coming from Verizon which is more expensive but I guess you get what you pay for....



Thanks.  I'm convinced that the phone that we bought is buggy and nothing short of extermination of the bugs will solve this.  If Samsung and/or Sprint is working on a patch to do this then great.  I've been a Sprint customer for 2 years and never had any problems with their network.  The big 4 have a small antenna farm less than a block from my home so I'm used to a great signal.  When on long car trips I've roamed on Verizon, as long as I have the coverage that I'm paying for I'm satisfied no matter who is actually carrying my calls and data.  In my experience Sprint's data coverage maps on their website are pretty accurate. 

As for why your E4GT alerts you that it's roaming even though you're on wifi: I'm thinking that it's for voice.  So even though you've shifted the responsibility for data to your home wifi the phone is still playing deaf and dumb to Sprint and roaming for voice calls.  In my case I could only call out to Sprint's customer service number when my phone decided to roam.  If I dialed *2 I got a recorded announcement welcoming me to the Verizon network so I had to dial an 800 number.

Tomorrow I will spend my lunch hour at a Sprint corporate store to see if they can resuscitate my looped phone.


I really hope you get somewhere with this or get some reliable information if something is on the way to improve things.  The roaming issue actually was for calling and data.  When I attempted to place a call pop up letting me know I was roaming and if I wanted to complete placing the call or not.  With the other roaming notices today it did specify was roaming for data.  So I really do not know what to say.

Good Luck,



Has anyone tried changing the phones roaming default setting to "sprint only"?  This is the setting my phone is on. Hope this helps anyone.


This was suggested to me by the Sprint rep who told me that my roaming problem was being caused by a weak tower, so I did as she requested.  The result was no voice or 3G data service on my phone whatsoever.


Wow. and that seems to confirm another theory I had that, maybe the towers are actually to blame, or rather, that the database that controls access to the towers isn't reachable or updating to give your phone access to the tower. I'd be curious if you went back to the sprint store, and if the phone works just fine there, the problem could be isolated to the towers that are not giving permission to be used by your phone.

I'm not a telco engineer, but have seem similar issues in the past when our own panels did not update or sync correctly with the main systems at corporate. The result was that new users added after a recent change in the network configuration or VLANs as it were, were denied access to some or most of the panels in certain areas. The panels (or maybe in Sprint's case the towers) should poll for updates as the techs always say when activating a phone, it sometimes takes an hour or so until all the towers are updated...  But if that were the case, then all new phones should be affected not just this model... Unless there is some weird serial number glitch that Sprint towers can't seem to handle... At least not without an update on both the towers and the phones..   I'm really anxious to see the root cause of this issue...


I thought I had a defective phone. My Epic 4G network simply shuts off and I also get a disconnect of the voice network. I have a Motorola Photon that works flawlessly in the same locations that the Epic dies.

This sucks!!

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