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Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch


Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch


12/7: Sprint has finally released via OTA EK02 which should hopefully fix the LOS issues. Samsung also released the kernel source today - and from the looks of it, they also fixed a bunch of other issues Sprint won't admit to (or maybe they didn't know about....).


9/29: Shane_M has responded from Sprint with this message:

"The loss of signal issue is an official known issue, Sprint and Samsung are aware of this issue and it will be addressed in a maintenence release. This information is posted on our known issues board and should be accessible by any care or technical support representative you speak with."


This is a growing problem - did a quick search and didn't find anything in here....

The issue is the phone will go into "No Signal" mode randomly and the only way to get out of it is to reboot the phone.  Happens when in sleep mode; with and without wifi on; standing on your head; kissing your wife. Here are the messages spouted in Logcat when it happens:

  • I/TelephonyRegistry( 2716): notifyServiceState: 1 home Searching for service...    Unknown CSS not supported 0 0RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false
  • I/StatusBarPolicy( 2835): onServiceStateChanged-S:1 home Searching for service...    Unknown CSS not supported 0 0RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false
  • D/Mms/SmsReceiverService( 5897): [Mms/SmsReceiverService][SMS]Receiver handleMessage : Action =android.intent.action.SIM_STATE_CHANGED
  • D/PhoneApp( 2874): - state: DISCONNECTED
  • D/PhoneApp( 2874): - reason: radioTurnedOff
  • I/TelephonyRegistry( 2716): notifyServiceState: 3 home null null null  Unknown CSS not supported -1 -1RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false

Anyone see a problem here?  SIM_STATE_CHANGED?  radioTurnedOff?

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Just to say this and to give some Sprint reps a bit of a hey it's ok. 

The LOS issue is not a Sprint issue it is however a SAMSUNG issue with their radio's.  Pick up ANY other device be it a iPhone/HTC or even a Moto phone and you will see 4 totally different things when it comes to cell phone signal on the other phones then what you see on the Samsung phone.  LOS is an issue yes For me atleast since EL29 I stopped seeing it however there have been reports of it still.  At the same time there are times when it is not true LOS so to speak.  There are 2 ways to actually see which LOS you have if you actually HAVE signal bars but data is not working at all (txt/email whatever) most of the time you can turn Airplane mode on and then off and within a few seconds data is restored for the device.  However if you have full blown LOs (Circle with the line through it) the only thing you can do is reboot the device. 

There are other work around (one of them being to root the device)  but it's not something that Sprint is going to tell you to do and honestly for the majority of people I would NOT suggest it either.  I will say this however with the ICS (Android 4.0.3) update that IS currently being worked on from personal experience the radio (ie the modem) has gotten a lot better and I've seen far better signal with the phone then I have in the past.

Do not totally put all of the blame on Sprint while it is a phone they do sell Samsung are the ones that need to work on this.  Samsung has been natorious with their radio's they have just about always sucked (I'm not trying to use this as an excuse) but it's the flat out truth (atleast when it comes to CDMA.  GSM they are a bit better)


This just happened to me today. I was very annoyed by it and a hard reset was the last thing that I wanted to do. PLEASE sprint, do something to stop this issue because I upgraded to the Epic 4g touch from a mere blackberry and I love this phone


For those thinking the LOS is phone specific:

I took a Katana Eclipse, LG Optimus S and the E4GT out and about Chi-town for the past several months.  One thing that I can say is that all 3 radios behave the same.  All 3 will show identical signal strength when idle, will lose signal in the exact same locations regardless of device and then immediately after disconnecting it will restore the signal to what it showed at idle.  Eclipse is running stock, Optimus S is running a tweaked ZVJ stock build, E4GT is running stock.

Has anyone looked into the Airaves to see if this may help at the home/office?


I also upgraded from an EVO, because my EVO stopped charging. I've had EXACTLY the same problem as odarellmc1, and it seems like its happening more often. The bluelight thing happened to me yesterday. This LOS issue has happened to me almost everyday now. I use my phone for business, and tihs is completely unacceptable. I emailed ecare, they said I couldn't get a new phone. Then someone called me wanting to speak about my issues, she pretty much told me tough luck and there is nothing they can do about it. I'm also a customer of 11 years and am STRONGLY considering Verizon. I told the woman that this is simply unacceptable and if this doesn't get worked out then I'm going to cancel my service, she mentioned the cancellation fee. First off, even on two lines, two phones, the $700 cancellation fee is cheaper than $600 for a new EVO LTE. Going to another company I wouldn't have to pay a large sum for a phone either. Either way I'm going to work out where I don't have to pay a cancellation fee, and Sprint can say goodbye to another long time loyal customer.


The issue is that Sprint uses 1900 Mhz while Verizon uses 850 Mhz.  The lower frequency gets better building penetration.

I have had my GS2 since November.  Service with my Evo 4g and everything else prior to that was fine.  Every since the switch it's been horrible.  My fiance recently switched to Sprint to be on a family plan with me.  She had a 4s on ATT now a 4s on Sprint, service is like night and day.  I live in Atlanta which is one of their major markets that gets evrything first, first for 4g, first for "enhanced" 3g and first for the upcoming 4g LTE.  The problem is that service is pretty much useless with Sprint.  It's not your phone, it's the network.  They signed the contract with Apple and got way more new users than they anticipated.  With everyone including their grandmother is using a smartphone, the network is really being stretched thin.  They do not have the infrastructure to handle the data being used on their network.  There is no win win, sprint has unlimited data but service sucks, other carriers have great service but will kill you with data charges.  Here are my speedtest results I did 5 minutes ago in the heart of Atlanta 545kpbs download and 36kbps upload.  This is laughable, I can't test 4g because I have no 4g signal, go figure.  Also, we are the only carrier in the world who doesnt have the new Ice Cream Sandwich software update.  I really mean across seas and in the US we are the only ones who don't have it.  This just further confirms that whatever Sprint is focused on, it certainly is not providing quality, relaible, and up to date service for their customers.  I am jumping ship ASAP, may even suck up my $650 in ETFs.  When I call into Sprint about delays in text messages, dropped calls etc they just confirm that I have 98% signal in my area, (yeah right) dismissing that real issues me and thousands others are having.  Sprint, you have fell to a new LOW!!!!


crazy enough , three days later Sprint has no answer. they have been muted.


hello , im happy to report (with bated breath) that the white E4GT is working without LOS with the EL29 update . If you have TEP, or if you can spazz out at a Sprint Store, go ask for the new white E4GT and you shouldnt have any problems.


I dont know about reading through 45 pages of material, but you guys seem to think this is just a samsung issue... It is not.  I have an HTC evo design, first one I had, had the same issue.  The phone was replaced due to the fact is continually restarted randomly.  The problem occurs in the town I live in, other people who have sprint service still have service, but I do not.  When I replaced the phone, it was perfectly normal again.  Today I get home from work, and no service, again.  I had the phone replaced probably two weeks ago and now its occuring again.  So is this a sprint issue or a samsung issue?  Because I have an HTC...


I think it's more a Sprint issue.  I don't think you will find as many people with these problems who have the GS2 on other carriers..   Could also be something Sprint is doing with their Android interface as rooting the phone seems to help based on other's reports..

Sprint's data network operates in the upper end of the spectrum.. Because of that it's more problematic.   It's particularly weak when inside buildings.  Also Samsung's CDMA radio seems to have lower performance than Motorola's.. Not sure about HTC though..

Hopefully some of these problems will be addressed as Sprint rolls out LTE..  For now though I wouldn't expect Sprint or Samsung to do very much about this problem.



even on the ff18 update im getting los, i am waiting for replacement phone #3 (still black they wont give me a white one and said i can't just swap it out in the store. with how wide spread this problem is i can't believe sprint reps are taking this into private messages, so everyone else doesn't know if this issue was ever resolved.... i don't think it has only forgotten about. at this point i wouldn't resign a contract with sprint im saving to get out of this one. I just need my phone to work even downtown chicago data is slow calls drop and random disconnections


Sprint is not doing right by anything that they are doing with this phone. I am on phone number #4.. I have had LOS issues among other things with this phone.. Latest was it would pulsate and then just reboot itself. Plus data is horrible on this phone always dropping in and out. I asked the reps at the store when they replaced it with this latest one if there was any way to get into a different phone altogether because this phone has problems.. They tell me that I have to go through three phones in a six month period.. Seriously?? This is my fourth phone in 10 to 11 months so averaging a replacement every two and a half months..  There is obvisouldy a problem with this phone and I am so tired of of having to get this thing replaced because it eventually craps out on you.. It is just a matter of time that this phone number four craps out too.. This is just unacceptable.. We buy a phone and resign contracts because we want to be able to use this service but if having to replace the phone all the time and not being able to use it half the time, we sure are not getting very good service.. damn sure paying out the butt for crap service and a crap phone..


I'm having the same Epic Touch LoS issue. how can I send you some useful logs. Had the phone for 9 months, rooted for 4 months, issue started 3 weeks ago with no changes to the phone (that I'm aware of). Stock Rom, 4.04, IIM76I.I03, SPH-D710. I usually update PRL on a monthly basis.

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