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Menu Opening Randomly

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Menu Opening Randomly

My menu opens randomly, as though I had pushed the soft key menu button. This happens very frequently. Is this a known problem?

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Re: Menu Opening Randomly

Yes, it's a known issue. Here are instructions on providing Sprint staff with examples of the issue next time it occurs on your device:

Here's the logging instructions, when it occurs again just run the log and then send it to me at

1. Reproduce the issue

2. Go to the Dial Pad and type in *#9900#

3. Press Run dumpstate/logcat button toward the top

4. Press Copy Kernel Log to SD card

5. Press Run modem log

6. Press Copy to sdcard(include CP Ramdump)

7. Exit the log screen and go to the My Files application and look in the folder called log

8. Copy any files that end in .log (usually easiest to tether the device to your computer and drag the files from the phone to your desktop) and then zip and email to me.

**It is EXTREMELY beneficial to know the sequence of events leading up to the error and the time the error happened...your basic what, how and when stuff. Please include that in your log submissions.


Re: Menu Opening Randomly

While I thank you for your help Reginold2012, that is a lot to take in. I'm not sure I have that level of technical know-how or sophistication. I have a somewhat transient lifestyle so I don't have a home computer which is why I depend on my phone so much to handle my business.

If I demonstrate I am experiencing this issue through the method you have provided will my phone be replaced? Will I receive some form of compensation for my troubles? This does not seem unreasonable?

I can tell you that I only experience this problem when relying on the Sprint network for my data. I do not experience this issue when using Wifi. I have never been in an area that has WiMax so I can't comment on that.

Thank you,



Re: Menu Opening Randomly

Hello Mitchell.  Without knowing a little more about the specific "sequence of events" that causes this issue, Sprint will recommend a visit to our Service and Repair Centers for a hands-on evaluation.  There, we can try to duplicate the issue; it may even be a hardware issue.  To locate your nearest Service and Repair Center, click Find a Store at the top of the page and select "Repair centers near me."



Re: Menu Opening Randomly

Thank you to everyone who took time to help with my predicament. If I encounter this issue again I will venture to my neighbor hood Sprint store and see what they can do. Thank you for the advice. I believe you all to be first class individuals and I am very happy with the quick response from this community.


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