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Menus bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down.


Menus bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down.

I have a samsung epic 4g touch(galaxy s2). For some reason a couple of months ago my phone started to go nuts! The menus keep bouncing up and down over and over. This happens all day everyday. I am also having issues with selecting a link or commanding my phone to do something. I tap and tap a link and nothing happens. It seems like I am having to constantly reboot my phone. I turn 4g off but it keeps turning on automatically.   Also I am really confused because sprint said they are increasing or enhancing coverage. Well it almost seems within the last few months or more my coverage has  actually gone down. I am lucky if I can get voice. I've noticed a big change in signal/service. My phone is in a case and it is nearly perfect condition. I've downloaded all required updates. Would love to get another phone so I wouldn't have to deal with this nightmare but I am not eligible for an upgrade till july. I've been with sprint for almost 10 years. I'm trying to be a loyal customer but having to deal with both a nightmare of a phone and slim to none coverage can be very frustrating. I think about tossing my phone out the window sometimes and going with someone else. Yes sprint is cheaper compared to some providers but really doesn't matter if you can utilize your phone.


You can find the answer here: Galaxy S II (Sprint Epic 4G D-710) Menu Problem, Solved?

When the radio turns up power to maintain connection with the towers it can cause Electronic Noise to leak over the connection between the capacitive buttons at the bottom of the handset and the main board, making the phone think that there was a key press. This is due to a piece of shielding tape on the device not being up to snuff. The tape can't be replaced on its own in store, the entire screen assembly needs to be replaced.

This issue took quite a bit of time to track down and determine a root cause by Sprint/Samsung because of the large number of devices in the field with varying parts since launch and the multitude of potential causes. It needed to be determined how widespread the issue was, and the different types of hardware affected by this versus other issues with potentially similar symptoms.

The MENU button being "pressed" on its own is considered a known issue and can be fixed in a Service and Repair store by replacing the screen assembly (The replacement parts from Samsung are a combined LCD/TSP assembly from the factory so they are both replaced at once). It does appear more apparent in low signal/roaming environments due to the nature of the issue. If a store does not have parts available or is unable to fix it, they can exchange the device for you. Exchanges will be for the same model refurbished device, just as if you went through Samsung to haev it repaired/replaced. The refurbished devices should have the fixed part in place already from the warehouse. If you do not have TEP/ESRP from Sprint the $50 repair fee is waived for the repair/exchange for this issue. I do not know a specific date that this was posted in the internal device solutions portal, I just checked it today specifically for this issue.

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