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My phone is just not the same...


Re: My phone is just not the same...

Okay, I went to the store and after a 15 minute delay I met the service tech outside so he could check the GPS signal (one of the issues I reported).

1. GPS - He downloaded an app called GPS fix that he told me to run should my GPS have problems.  he said this is a common issue and is not related to the ICS update.  So I have to run this app everytime the GPS doesn't work?  This is not acceptable and was not an issue before the upgrade.

2. Battery drain - he turned off everything (4G, WIFI, Bluetooth) and said to only turn those on when I'm using them.  Not acceptable.  I'm in center city Philadelphia, why would I turn off 4G?  It's clear the ICS upgrade has caused some issues with the 4G data, but I guess we will never get any official word.

3. Texts not coming in - He tested texts and they worked.  Big surprise.  It's not a problem that occurs all the time.

4. He mentioned that I had a lot of apps?  I really don't have that many because I did a master reset last night.  Are we not supposed to have apps?  I asked the tech and he said no having lots of apps is fine.  Okay.

5. Apps not working over the network - he blamed this on the apps not being compatible with 4.0.  Really?  It's been out for a year or more, I'm pretty sure Foursquare and directv should work over the network.

6. He gave me one final piece of advice, keep my phone out of the rain (it's rainy here today).

So to sum up what he did, he turned off roaming, he turned off WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, and he did a soft reset.  I believe he would have done a master reset had I not performed one myself last night.  That was all he did.

I thanked him for his time and told him I would most likely be back tomorrow if I'm not satisfied.  I know it's not his fault, but this is incredibly frustrating.

At least he did acknowledge the issue that ICS has caused with the phones.

So I performed a test with FourSquare:

3G - was able to locate and check in with full signal, was painfully slow though

4G - was unable to checkin with a full 4G signal.  this was never a problem before the update.

WIFI - works perfectly

If Sprint has done something to break the 4G on a phone they sold, that should be enough to get out of the contract?


Re: My phone is just not the same...

sarah i can't find the post.... this is the second post bruce made that was deleted.... i can't find the link

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