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New Phone...Doesn't even turn on! HELP!!


New Phone...Doesn't even turn on! HELP!!

I have had this phone for 5 days.  Everything has been great so far.  Today I got home from work and I took the phone out of my pocketbook and it would not eeven turn on!  There was a blue light on in the corner.  I tried to charge it in the car and when I got home.  I took the battery out for 5 minutes and charged it again but it still won't turn on at all!  What do I do?


Re: New Phone...Doesn't even turn on! HELP!!

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you’ve taken the battery out, charged the phone and wont restore the service, then I would restore the phone to factory defaults using hard keys. Once you reset the phone, all info will be deleted from the phone. Other option would be is to visit Sprint Service and Repair Store to have your device checked.

Step to reset the phone using Hard Keys:-

a. Remove and Replace Battery

b. Press and hold “Volume UP” +  “POWER”

c. Samsung Galaxy II screen will flash twice, keep holding until the Android appears, then let go of buttons

d. Use “Volume DOWN” to scroll to and highlight “wipe data/factory reset”

e. Press “HOME” key to select

f. Use “Volume DOWN” to scroll to and highlight “Yes – delete all user data”

g. Press “HOME” key to select

h. After data wide is complete, Press “HOME” key to select “reboot system now”

Hope this helps


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