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New to this; a few questions need to be answered.


New to this; a few questions need to be answered.

Hi.  Im new to this forum; as you can see; i just registered today not so long, be bear with me...

Urm,  what I am going to ask you guys here are :

1.  Will  Sprint allow me to trade in my phone for something else ie: Iphone 5? If so, for how much do I have gotten to pay{less or more}?

2.  Is there any way to disable the service/or network off the phone I have now if I decide wanting to sell it  on CL or Ebay? If possible, how can I do that/is that work?

3.  If I am able to get trade in for something else, am I be required to return all the stuff{the orginial box and accessories *all new;unsued*} along with the device or just device itself back to Sprint?

I think thats all for now.  I will come back and post if I can think of anything else. Thanks to whoever be more than helpful and answered to questions.


Oh and;  I have never been with Sprint before until last year in April and last one thing; how the heck do you saved all pictures and videos onto your SD card? because for the life of me, My sister and I have been trying to figured out how to do that for a week or 2 and no luck. Its really bothersome for me to transfers all of that onto the computer via USB. {as when I first got this phone, I didnt have a SD card installed but after I  have gotten a second replacement phone, i bought a SD card, so I am still clueless on how to save all of that onto a SD card}

thanks again.

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