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Phone is acting completely weird Epic 4G Touch

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Phone is acting completely weird Epic 4G Touch

After updating to the ICS 4.0 my SGS II (Epic 4G Touch) now will after so long of using makes the screen flicker out and shut off. Once I turn it back on, the battery is at 0% even if it was at 80% before this happens. If I keep it on the charge it seems to not do anything. I am little fed up with this. I got an update on the phone and I figured that would fix it, but it didn't. Is it my battery or the ICS. Because it never ever did this on Gingerbread. It didn't start happening till ICS. :-(


Re: Phone is acting completely weird Epic 4G Touch

Hello and thank you for using Communities to report the trouble.  For the most part, the update to ICS for the Samsung Epic Touch was successful.  As with any software update, a small percentage of phone owners may experience software anomolies that are usually associated with imcomplete updates or incompatibilites with third party application data that's stored on your SD memory card.  A Sprint Service & Repair Center can reload the software update in case your update was not completed fully.  And removing your SD card is a simple test to see if Google Play Store app data is the trouble. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your business,



Re: Phone is acting completely weird Epic 4G Touch

Tomdeaver, what planet are you living on?  There are over a dozen discussions with over 1000 posts and over 200,000 views.  And I just did some quick calculations.

From what I've seen and read, this ICS update was not anywhere close to "successful".  Even though my husband and I have not had near the issues many others are having, "success" is not the adjective I would use to describe this update.  We had battery issues in the beginning and cleared the system cache which seemed to improve the battery drain.  We also had the Swype keyboard issue and I found how to fix that.  We are still experiencing frequent bluetooth issues.  It thinks its connected to the phone but the phone does not repond to bluetooth activation.  They did change some things I like better but they also changed some I have to do differently to get the same result.  That's okay because I know all too well that "updates" will do that.

I do software programming and support all day long for a living.  When a support call comes in, it is my job to figure out what is causing the issue.  Most of the time, the only way to do this is to find out when the issue started and if something has changed.

Based on what I've read it seems like these users may have many third party apps installed (husband and I don't).  These users may live in an area with 4G (husband and I don't).  These users use WI-FI (husband and I don't).  These users have pictures attached to contacts (husband and I don't).  And so should get the point.  As you can see we are very basic users of our phones which is maybe why we have not had as many issues that so many others are having.  But these phones are supposed to be able to be used for all those things I mentioned and more.  So I am not very happy that some basic functions of this phone are not behaving like they should and did with GB.  My husband and I were very happy with our phones on GB.

If my company (which I am a part owner of) put out a software update that "breaks" functionality of our software, we own up to it and fix it.  Samsung and Sprint should do the same.  Oh wait, they kind of did this with the FH13 update to fix battery issues.  But they have some more work to do.


Re: Phone is acting completely weird Epic 4G Touch


As a fellow dev I do understand your points - but in that case you have full control of the dev work and can usually fix it.  In Sprint's case they have to send it back to Samsung, wait for a new build/changelog and then test it.

They also have a BIG issue out of their control - the kernel code for Android.  Two major incremental versions is bound to significantly change the system.  (In this case basically everything was rewritten for ICS.)

On the plus side your E4GT is running faster than ever - the code rewrite now better utilizes the hardware in the phone.  But the tradeoff for performance is obviously battery drain.

In the end I'm fairly certain Samsung will not EOS the phone until it has a stable JB build - both for users and to make sure it's clear of patent infringement.


Re: Phone is acting completely weird Epic 4G Touch

It was actually my battery. Smiley Sad I have tep so it got replaced for free. Thnx for your inputs. Smiley Happy


Re: Phone is acting completely weird Epic 4G Touch


I totally agree with you.  I'm also quite certain they will eventually take care of the isuues at hand.  I was not trying to imply that Sprint and Samsung are solely responsible.

Yes, to a certain extent my company is in full control of our work but our code can only work as good as the operating system and language interpreter will let it.  We are constantly running into issues with Windows updates, driver updates, 64 bit issues, network communications and lately, what seems to be every a week, the java updates.  And that's only naming a few things that we deal with on a day to day basis.  Many times our software may react to changes in these items.  In our case, the end user doesn't always know why it's not doing what it's supposed to, only that it's "broken" and they need it fixed.

When I said own up to it and fix it, I was trying to say that both Sprint and Samsung need to first admit that there are issues with the update and then let the E4GT owners know that they are being worked on.  It's that simple.  Most people will welcome the fact the they are working to resolve the issues instead of feeling the are just being ignored. These are "communication" companies and communicating is the key here.

I think it's safe to say that in the view of many E4GT owners, both companies have acted as if the issues they are having after the update are not a result of the update.  They cannot and should not ignore the "calls for help" when so many are complaining of the same behaviors.  Way too many posts have mentioned either calling customer service at both companies or going to a Sprint store, only to be told it's going to cost them or it must be "hardware" or we need to reset your phone.  In this instance, they have failed in educating their customer service departments on how to handle the customer.


Re: Phone is acting completely weird Epic 4G Touch


Thanks for the reply.  I had a discussion with some of the buzz techs here about that as well; unfortunately their hands are equally as tied.  There are certainly communication issues that could be improved internally at Sprint.  The only thing that I can think of (from an external view) is that they don't want too much info going out to the lower levels.

It's one of the reasons before I look at a device I check for support in the online communities like XDA.  You'll find out much more there than you will here.  Fortunately Sprint is allowing some of that info to trickle back... although I have been asked not to mention certain topics directly on this site.

Best suggestion I can say is keep hitting  It's a Level 3 CSR I believe but will probably be the closest to reaching corporate short of knowing someone.

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