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Phone will not turn on...


Phone will not turn on...

When I turn on the power button, all I get is the first screen with the Samsung name on it. It stays there and is stuck there. It will not turn on. I don't want to lose any of my data especially my Notes in my Extensive Notes App that I have on my phone. How can I start my phone without losing any files? Do I have to do a complete factory reset? I have not tried it yet because I'm afraid of losing any information. Please help?!


Re: Phone will not turn on...

Hi 1Sandra777,

Thanks for posting with us; sorry to hear of your issue.

Firstly, has there been any damage to your device (dropped on ground, dropped in water, etc.)? And also, do you know if your device has been rooted or jailbroken? Regarding the information from your notes, do you remember if you were able to store the information on an external microSD card?


Giovanni R.
Sprint Social Care Team

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