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Post Your Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich Update Problems Here


Post Your Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich Update Problems Here

If there is not already one is existence, I would like to compile a list of problems current Epic 4G Touch users who have updated to Ice Cream Sandwich software from the recent (within 1.5 weeks of today, 7/18/12) Sprint software push (not rooted ROMS, nor manual updates please). These problems should only be ones which have to come to light after the update, meaning the feature/app/etc worked prior to updating, but no longer functions correctly after the update. Please adhere to the following:

-Be as specific as possible about the issue being experienced

-List only problems that you can replicate

-General location (Eg. Zip code 08817, Northern NJ, etc.) if you'd like


Zipcode 08817, Here are my problems so far:

1. MHL to HDMI output is no longer functioning. Both the phone and the television recognize an HDMI connection, but the image(s) and audio on my phone are not mirrored on my television as they are supposed to. There is only a black screen shown on my television.

2. 4G connection doesn't allow for Youtube videos to play anymore. The connection is always dropped before any part of the video starts playing.

3. Application opening and closing isn't as smooth as as they were with Gingerbread.

I'd like to get a comprehensive list of problems people are experiencing due to this revent update because I'd like some accountablility for these problems. I've attempted to contact Sprint, Samsung, and Google with these issues, and not one of them is holding themselves accountable for these issues. We are all customers paying for these services, and something should be done upon immediate notification of these problems to satisfy us as consumers, in addition to giving people who may be unaware of the bad changes that have/can occur by updating. Please keep this thread to PROBLEMS only, as I have described above, in order to make it easier for me to compile the problems into one comprehensive list. Thank you everyone for your input and help.

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The big issue I'm having is the battery life and the phone gets hot when charging!!!  If Im surfing the web the phone gets hot.  I hope there is a fix soon!


My problems are much more severe.  OP--I really don't think zip code has anything to do with this, so i'll omit that. My phone normally gets charged once per day, with mini charges when I drive to work.  I connect it to the wall charger when I go to sleep at night and to a car charger on my way into my office.

Before Sunday 7/22, after ICS update ~ 7/14 --

* Generally noticed lower battery life than before

Sunday 7/22 --

  * Had my E4GT plugged into a wall charger in the afternoon (out of my normal charge cycle).  The battery became REALLY hot and gave me a 'Charging paused. Voltage too high' popup.  I unplugged it and let it rest.  Seemed to go away.

Monday 7/23 --

  * Charged Noticed 'Charging paused. Voltage too high' more frequently during the day.  Started to become EXTREMELY annoying.

Tuesday 7/24

* Woke up in the morning with its normal charge cycle.  Power said 100%/fully charged.  I unplugged the charger and noticed it dropped immediately to around 90%.  Started to get the 'Charging paused. Voltage too high' popup every 3 minutes.  This lasted throughout the entire day. The only way to prevent the popup was to connect the phone back to the charger.

Wednesday 7/25

   * I took the phone to the sprint store I bought it from 3 months ago.  The guy who sold me the phone said i had to take it to another store about 4 miles away as they didn't have a repair shop.  Fine.

  * I go to the new store and sign in.  I get helped by a man named Matt who takes my phone to the 'technician'.  The 'technician' tells Matt my phone needs to be hard reset.  Matt explains to me that whenever a new OS update comes down you usually have to hard reset the phone (let's ignore how ludicrously dumb that statement was). I reluctantly agree even after reading several related community posts warning that this does nothing.  Bad idea.  I get the phone back from Matt who claims that they successfully fixed the 'Charging paused. Voltage too high' problem.  I reset all my settings, accounts/corp email/etc.  Phone looks ok.

   * I plug the phone into the wall charger for the night and go to sleep.

Thursday 7/26

   * In the morning I glance over to my phone.  It says 100% charged.  I pull the charger cable out from the bottom.  The phone's battery immediately drops to 88%.  Then, a new problem: Now the phone is acting as if the power cable is being plugged in and pulled out continuously -- about once every 3 seconds.  Interleaved between that is the 'Charging paused. Voltage too high' problem.  That means I get an annoying fucking beep/buzz for the charger notification beep, then another annoying beep/buzz for the popup.  The only way to avoid the annoyance is to silence the phone, which makes using it to receive incoming calls pretty useless.

   * I take the phone to the same sprint store and see the same representative.  The rep tells me that the phone looks like it needs to be replaced and that I would have to wait for a refurbished replacement to come in.  Obviously you are #1 in their book, since they seemed to have plenty of new E4GT's in stock for people who were purchasing new phones.

Various other frustrating dumbass moments:

1. The rep claimed that the update was 'from Samsung' and it's "not Sprint's fault".  Sprint is ultimately responsible for the operation of their phones.  If Samsung bricks all of Sprint's customer's phones with an OTA update you bet your ass they will come in droves to Sprint's customer support.

2. The rep was unwilling to get me in a 'working' state.  He continuously quoted policy of using refurbished equipment.

3. Nobody generally seems knowledgeable at all about issues with this phone.  If it happens after the ICS update, my first bet is it is the ICS update itself and not the phone hardware.  But, at this point i'm willing to take new hardware if it actually allows me to use my phone again.

I'm tired of having my time and money wasted.


It's 0100hrs CST July 27th I just got off the phone with a sprint csr lead. We discussed the problems with the ICS update that was issued and I was told that there has been a new ICS update released by samsung for the phone and it has been made available for download by sprint.  Has anyone downloaded this latest update as of July 26th?  If so are there any issues to report as of yet?


The scrolling, turbo mode, etc. is terrible. GB was better, I like that it is faster in turbo, but the "brake" system is bad as is the medium speed that seems to have been removed that would allow you to skim quickly. Scrolling stops due to apps failing to obtain data fast enough (even on WiFi)...

Removal of connecting as a USB Mass storage device means I can no longer use some syncing software, as KIES SUCKS! Connecting as a USB mass storage device is a superior feature, it performs faster, and was advertised. Other than dumbing things down and removing options people use, what is the reasoning here...

Added more "Sprint" bloatware, and or made it run in background/more agressive.

Overly sharpened graphics in Display > Dynamic Mode.

Settings menu, drilling down is rather annoying. I enjoyed the previous setup where it was one level > Options. Now it is Level > More > Options.

You did not see the Swype bug in testing? That is just lazy. With each thing I find, I realize you did not care about this update and it shows.

New Google Search is inferior to old one, in every way.

Start up and Shutdown sounds from sprint are TOO DAMN LOUD! The added shutdown sound was not desired, by anyone. You know that the FCC has told advertisers that they must lower the sound levels on commercials. You should take note...

Phone Dialer and related has been dumbed down. This is a bad decision, it is after all... A Phone. Starred contacts have HUGE poor quality images now. And the tile mode is not wanted. I loved the detailed view previously, this is not Windows Phone 7...

Phone now lags. I have always had Syncing off, and performed it manually. However, this is at an OS level, not obtaining data from the web.

I just updated today, So will probably find more, if I do not go back to GB.


There doesn't seem to be new software available from Samsung.  The most recent update remains the FF18 release, according to


Wireless stays on all the time even when phone is in sleep mode.  That is the default setting that ICS has.

To change this option go under wireless/advance where it will give you 3 options.

Select the option where your wireless will shut off if phone goes to sleep, or stays on only when phone is charging.  This should fix the battery problem I hope.


Battery life....or lack there of.

Videos are "chopy"

text notification tone while using the phone (very anoying)

no text/email indicator light when text or email is received.

apps not wanting to fully turn off when they get closed.

Phone sometimes gets uncomfortably warm when in une....seems to be diminishing now though.


I live in the 05403 zip, work in 05495. We have two Epic 4G Touch phones that updated to ICS. Our problems:

  • Terrible battery life. Neither of us can get through a day without having ot plug the phones in.
  • Roaming almost all the time. We were rarely roaming before the update. Now it is almost constant. I was near a Sprint tower here in Vermont, and STILL was roaming.
  • Both of us must leave the our offices we are in just to make or receive a call--this didn't happen before the update.

This update is terrible. If Sprint doesn't address these issues, I am afraid we will be switching to another carrier--one that can provide service.


  • GPS specifically Navigation pops in and out
  • Battery (Phone sits dead right now and I have done nothing but make a few texts and it was at 100% 8 hours ago)
  • No streaming of videos in browser.  Shows loading circle then just stops.  Netflix and HBOGo stutter and occasionally drop the video but work somewhat. (This is the most frustrating!)
  • Reception is terribly.  Use to have 4 bars at work now I get 1 or 0
  • Swype was an easy fix, but was broken
  • Email works now but had issues right away, Yahoo continues to say it can't log in even though it is logged in. 
  • This is cosmetic but the lock screen to enter your pattern just looks dumb now.

I understand that in the end I was the one that choose to hit "accept".  Yet when I receive an update from the company I pay to maintain my service, I assume that it is reliable.  Updates come with issues, that's a known fact but as much as we are seeing complaints this is not a "personal setup" issue and any sane person cannot believe they tested it extensively.

Everyone on the forums telling people to root their phone and install a different ROM etc. need to understand that is not a reasonable answer.  We do not pay the amount we do to perform maintenance on our phones.  If Sprint wants to offer a reduced price and no support than great I will take that and Google anything that goes wrong, but until that is offered Sprint is responsible.

Enough ranting as I know it will do no good (feels good to vent sometimes and I don't believe in yelling at a tech/rep that has nothing to do with the problem)....I know the community has found some solutions to a few of the issues so, has anyone seen a fix for streaming videos in the browser?  I feel like I have searched a good amount but I easily could have missed something.  The original poster related it to the data issue (makes sense) so any fixes there?


71108...since the ICS update here are my issues with my Epic Touch:

1) The massively noted battery drain issue. With moderate use i am lucky to get a full 8hrs out of this phone now since ICS update.

2)Screen keeps intermittently flashing off and on sometimes to the point where i have to do a battery pull and restart it. It's as if the backlight screen won't go off and stay off! Even once i hit the power button the screen flashes back on within seconds.

3)Phone shuts down/restarts itself once a day practically

4) Phone is alot more sluggish and apps constantly forcecose now, especially when going into Google Play.

5)CONSTANT issues with connecting to 3g network.

My Epic Touch went from being a dream phone to being an EPIC FAIL!!! Sprint CS is totally useless and all they told me to do was reset my profile and update PRL, which did nothing! SAMSUNG NEEDS TO FIX THIS POS UPDATE!


Anyone else experiencing the text tone playing while on a phone call? It is very annoying, and does not stop if you pull down the notifications bar or the message. I also get random restarts and the home wallpaper zooms in instead of showing the whole picture.

Went into a Sprint repair store and all they did was tell me they could only restart my phone and maybe it'll go normal. It did not. Just had to customize my phone again with the problems still there.


This is common on an iphone - so it may be on a galaxy siii, all i do is if i am a phone call, i mute ringers ...

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