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Post Your Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich Update Problems Here


Post Your Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich Update Problems Here

If there is not already one is existence, I would like to compile a list of problems current Epic 4G Touch users who have updated to Ice Cream Sandwich software from the recent (within 1.5 weeks of today, 7/18/12) Sprint software push (not rooted ROMS, nor manual updates please). These problems should only be ones which have to come to light after the update, meaning the feature/app/etc worked prior to updating, but no longer functions correctly after the update. Please adhere to the following:

-Be as specific as possible about the issue being experienced

-List only problems that you can replicate

-General location (Eg. Zip code 08817, Northern NJ, etc.) if you'd like


Zipcode 08817, Here are my problems so far:

1. MHL to HDMI output is no longer functioning. Both the phone and the television recognize an HDMI connection, but the image(s) and audio on my phone are not mirrored on my television as they are supposed to. There is only a black screen shown on my television.

2. 4G connection doesn't allow for Youtube videos to play anymore. The connection is always dropped before any part of the video starts playing.

3. Application opening and closing isn't as smooth as as they were with Gingerbread.

I'd like to get a comprehensive list of problems people are experiencing due to this revent update because I'd like some accountablility for these problems. I've attempted to contact Sprint, Samsung, and Google with these issues, and not one of them is holding themselves accountable for these issues. We are all customers paying for these services, and something should be done upon immediate notification of these problems to satisfy us as consumers, in addition to giving people who may be unaware of the bad changes that have/can occur by updating. Please keep this thread to PROBLEMS only, as I have described above, in order to make it easier for me to compile the problems into one comprehensive list. Thank you everyone for your input and help.

430 REPLIES 430

Since update.

1) l loss of service at home. Im not able to call out or receive calls. If i do the call drops. No bars on signal strength indicator.

2) no 4G here. 3G is virtually non existent.

3) wifi goes in and out

4) text messages often fail

5) data and voice roaming alert driving me nuts. Comes on allot now

6) ear piece gets very hot when i an able to make a call

7) battery life has tanked

I've done reset after reset. Chatted with csr, cuz i can't call them, and performed rests with them. Been sent to a technician and what did he do.....reset the phone!!! No improvement. I asked to have OS reverted back to GB on was told by the store manger that it was....yeah right. Still on ics. Wee have 2 gs2 and both having same issues. Phone is not the problem...ics is


I also have a bunch of problems since updating. The 2 most annoying are 1) I have issues receiveing texts and sometimes sending them and 2) battery seems to die really fast. I hope they provide another update that will fix these annoying issues.


I cannot access any of my files from SD card or internal memory!  They have disabled mass storage!  This is a MAJOR PROBLEM unless you use Windows.  One of the benefits of this phone was the ability to use it as a portable storage device.  I cannot copy my data back to my computer.


Zipcode 75001

After unlocking, the phone buttons don't activate for up to 20 seconds.  The Swype issue was frustrating but  i got it fixed. The phone freezes often, and 3g/4g/wifi won't work until reboot.


1) Awful battery life after update

2) Clicking sound while on phone calls

3) No SCREENSHOT anymore?

Is there anyway I can just rollback my OS?


My problem is largely related to huge battery drain.  After some research and experiementing I found two problems:

  1. When the wifi is on, the phone never goes into deep sleep, hence, the battery is drained very quickly.  As an experiment, I kept wifi on all night while the phone was charging.  When I reviewed the CPUSpy results in the morning, my phone NEVER when into deep sleep over a 10 hour period.  The CPU was running at 200 mHZ all night long.
  2. When activated, 'Google Location Service' (found under Settings / Location Services), was also keeping the phone awake almost all the time.  A review using BetterBatteryStats showed thousands of wakelocks over a period of 8 hours.

So, by turning off both wifi and the 'Google Location Service' (in addition to GPS and some sync options, which I had also turned off in gingerbread), I now can get a realiable 12 hours of battery life with moderate use.

Having said that, I used to be able to get 18 hours easily under gingerbread, so this seems like a problem that Sprint / Samsung needs to addres very soon.

EDIT - Zip code 01880

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Besides WIFI, email notification, battery:

My phone definately has SD card issues. It will not boot correctly (some apps that are on SD card are not showing up, phone its is stuck on reading the SD card forever yet it is functional so maybe some of you have not noticed if you have not tried apps that are moved to SD card.) with card installed.

It will read the card fine if the card is inserted after the phone boots withought it.

If I go to Applications - On SD card: at times one or two apps that are on the SD card will not show the proper icon and will display the grey/black Android icon with (sd) on it and will read something like net.flixster.android instead of Flixster app.  If I unmount and the remount the SD card all programs will come up, but potentialy hours or days later some other might grey out.

There is definately nothing wrong with the SD card and in never done this before the update. The card is SanDisk Ultra card.

Will soon try a downgrade.


Update: After chat session after chat session, I finally have an airrave being shipped to help boost my reception at home. Once i get it installed and tested out I will post more info.


Im in the 92236 Coachella area CA.

I have the Epic 4g Touch

since the ICS update I have been experiencing several problems that were not on Gingerbread:

  • battery drains about 5 hours faster than what it used to
  • phone freezes up several times and I've had to do about 6 hard resets this past week, when in gingerbread I think I had to only do one in one year!
  • swype was messed up, but i was able to fix it.
  • I lost my playlists on my real player app.
  • phone is noticeably sluggish
  • When i try to watch videos online in full screen it freezes up.
  • 3 times I havent been able to answer a call because the touch screen freezes and it keeps ringing untill i have to take out the battery!

Very Fustrated!


I think its now "power button and volume down button at the same time"


zip code 68521

im experiencing tons of issues with this new up date

1 very noticeable battery life (same settings as before with gb almost half the life on ics)

2 apps randomly force close cause my phone to freeze (ie zombie lane coin dozer and every other app i use no app is immune)

3 since update Pandora only buffers and skips buffers and skips buffers and skips then it buffers and skips

3 when i used face unlock i would get a phone call that im not able to answer, ignore or silence. locks up phone and constantly rings over and over till i remove battery

4 with swipe key bored my inputs add spaces between every letter i t i s a n n o y i n g a n d m a k e s a n y i n p u t i n g f r u s t r a t i n g

5 if im in my house where my signal is limited (network problem fix that too please) i dont want to be reminded that im in data roaming i dont care i have my wifi on that is causing my battery to drain vicious cycle

these problems are ruining a fantastic phone and making using my phone a chore instead of an extension of myself like it was.


mine does it with the home and power button hold down

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