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Power Issues/Battery Swelling


Power Issues/Battery Swelling

When is Sprint going to fix this update issue? I have had the S2 for a little over a year and it was great until I updated to ICS. It completely screwed up the phone!! In January, I recieved the newest update to my phone and that screwed it up more. My phone turns on and off continually for hours on end. And the phone overheats. The battery is swollen. And the battery life starts at almost full and within twenty minutes of turning on and off by itself, it is down to 10%. When I call Sprint, their technical support just tries to sell me their insurance and tries to charge the deductible to get a new phone. I want everyone to know it is NOT the battery, it is the software update. I work in the cell phone industry and I have my company's protection plan which is 40 times better than Sprint's, but getting the same phone as a replacement is NOT going to fix any of these issues. And Sprint technical support is very unwilling to assist with this issue, acting like its not their fault. I want an update now or I am switching carriers (or a free upgrade). This is just pathetic. And after researching online for a month or two now, I see that EVERYONE with an S2 is having the same issue. I see at least one customer a day at my work with this issue. Fix this Sprint! This is completely messed up.

And everyone, quit buying new batteries... it is NOT the battery. The software update causes battery issues which causes the phone to overheat which causes the battery swelling.


Re: Power Issues/Battery Swelling

Sprint owes us a new battery and a rebate for all the stuff they put me through for the last year... Man up sprint... Hope u guys get taken over... U guys got the worst customer service!

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