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Problems with Ice Cream Sandwich?


Problems with Ice Cream Sandwich?

I just bought my s2 Epic about a month ago. Well, approximately a week ago, I got the update for Ice Cream Sandwich. Ever since I updated it I've had the following problems.

- My navigation won't work. Neither application will... The one labeled "navigation" comes up with written directions, but turn by turn doesn't work anymore. it just sits there and says "searching for gps" regardless of how long i wait for it to load... the one labeled "telenav gps navigator" says that it needs an update, i click "update", it takes me to the playstore and all it says is "uninstall update"...... also, whenever i type in the destination and hit the enter button, it goes back to the app menu. i re-open "navigation", re-enter the destination and hit enter and it works the second time... it's so strange and annoying.

-bluetooth streaming for my car stereo... when i stream music to my car, within about 20 minutes, my phone freezes and restarts. it has done this a countless amount of times, never had this problem before i installed ICS.

-applications being slower... before ICS, facebook would open and load extrememly fast... even with a weaker signal. now, even if i have 3-4 bars, facebook just sits there and never loads. i keep getting "network connection lost. tap to retry" message.

-Swype - sometimes, when i'm using swype input, the word suggestions just won't show up. other times they're there.

so, basically... i am having a lot of trouble with my phone ever since i installed ICS and i hate it. this is my first really good phone with a contract and i'm highly upset considering i've only had the phone for a month.

Is there any way i can un-install ICS without having to restore to factory settings so i don't lose contacts and everything...? or could i take it to the Sprint store and they give me a new phone?


There are a lot of other people with those exact same issues on the board. Look at some of the other topics about ICS in general. I've had my SPII since launch and just got the notification for ICS this morning. But I've been declining it because of all the problems that others have been having. Until those problems are fixed, I'll just stick with Gingerbread as it's working just fine for me.

As for a way to uninstall, you would need the version of GB you wanted as well as a program to flash your phone.

But this is not recommended if you are unfamiliar as you might brick your phone and void warranty.

Since you just got the phone, you could go to the store and ask for options.

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