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Problems with gs2


Problems with gs2

I have had nothing but problems with my gs2.  It is constantly rebooting and draining the battery, screen flickers then freezes, picture mail won't send, signal issues even in my home area, syncing problems between gmail and my name it and it has happened.  I bought my first one a year ago and am now being sent my 3rd phone!  I have to keep hard-resetting the phone, or going into a service repair center that always says the phone is perfectly fine, then falsifies their report with information they NEVER discussed with me in the store (That took place on 3/11/13).  When I spoke to a CSR yesterday, on one of the 3 calls I made, I was basically accused of falsely reporting issues with my phone so I could get something else.  I told them to take a look at my 2 year history and they will see for themselves all of the time I have spent calling, trouble shooting and jumping through every poodle hoop they had in order to follow their protocol.  This is absolutely unacceptable!!!!  I had the same issues with the EVO over a year ago, and sprint offered an early exchange to buy a different device.  HAHAHA...not this time!!  They want me to pay over $250, sell my phone back to sprint and purchase something else at the upgrade price so that I can extend my contract.  How is that even fair?  Correcting their mistake and making their "loyal" customers happy certainly isn't even their priority anymore.  They are more concerned with their new customers.  I have 5 lines through this company, but I will NOT be renewing any of them unless Sprint wants to put their focus back on their current customer base.  Anyone else had these issues?

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