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Random Boots Freezing Issues on Epic Touch 4G


Random Boots Freezing Issues on Epic Touch 4G

I have been having random freezing or boot with the Epic Touch 4G recently.  Also it is no longer possible to do app updates via google play or install new apps.  Are you getting a "Insufficient Memory Error" warning message when trying to update apps?  I have narrowed down the problems to several issues which I will discuss here below.  Feel free to post your input.

1) Battery dying easily/randomly or if your phone has to be constantly on charge to work

This is a battery issue.  The best way to know if you need a new battery?  take out your battery place it on a flat surface and spin it.  If your battery is able to spin freely it means you have a bloated battery and it needs replaced. 

Another way to know if your battery needs replaced is, when trying to play a game or work with apps, your phone suddenly freezes and dies, only to boot back up with an low battery warning.

If you need a new battery, don't bother going back to Sprint.   Go here (  you get the original battery for the Epic Touch.  Samsung EB625152VA EB625152VU Battery Epic Touch 4G R760 Original OEM  search for Epic Touch 4G. 

2) Insufficient Memory Error

This is being caused by Jellybean Software which for some reason only known to Google... is mis-reading you total device memory storage memory as 1.97GB or anything less than what you actually have,. 

To check how much memory you have go to system settings, then look for storage and see what Jellybean is reporting.  Jellybean bug reads your total device storage as 1.97GB or less.

Below the device storage menu is another menu called USB Storage which reads the correct actual total storage on your device but which the JB software cannot see hence it returns the "Insufficient Storage" error message

The problem is also related to constant changes that Google is doing to the play store.  Some apps install and update while others throw the memory error message.

3) Random Boot and Freezing

Back end applications and processes running in the background are crashing because of the memory error message generated by a bug in JB which mis-reads the actual total storage on the device.  The only way to remedy this situation is to

take the battery out and put it back in.  Also Samsung firmware ie the memory controller has been known to have the bug and might be the one causing Jellybean to mis-state the total storage space on your device.

Sprint will only replace your phone if you are due for an upgrade.  If you have no upgrade you are stuck with the dying device. Best first option, get a new battery for your phone.  they cost 20 bucks (the original battery) on

Software updates are done by Samsung.  By the time Samsung roll out an update? It takes 635 light years for an update from Samsung especially for older model phones.

Alternatively if you have a Android tablet, Nexus 7 etc, Get an app called Might Text, or any other app there (there are plenty on the play store) that will help you keep contact in case you are in an emergency and your sprint phone is acting up.

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