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Regretting Sprint


Regretting Sprint

I switched to Sprint because of a very large discount offered to member of my alumni association. I cannot wait for my contract to end so I can go to another carrier. This ICS update really was the last straw. On both phones, we are having problems such as:

  • Battery drain within 8 hours. A full battery at 7am is a dead battery by 3 in the afternoon.
  • Always roaming mode--even when I an within sight distance of a Sprint tower--even if I'm one street over.
  • I used to call/receive from my home. Now, not even a signal bar.
  • Signal shown, but sometimes calls go directly to voicemail.
  • GPS shows me two states over.
  • Screen and buttons lag. I sometimes must pull battery to recover from a freeze.

I have tried all the suggestions--wiping cache, letting battery drain fully, battery pull. NOTHING WORKS. I went back to Gingerbread EL29. All these problems are now gone.

If there's a class action forming, I'll join.


I've had the SPII since launch and been with Sprint a number of years. While their customer service has a lot to be desired, I have no issues with service or spotty areas as others are having. But with ICS, I'm avoiding it like the plague. The issues you've reported about ICS are the very same from others all over. This is why I'm not updating and keeping my GB.

My contract is currently up but I am on a family plan, all of which are also not having issues as they have Blackberries and Windows phones.

I'm not sure if I would leave Sprint right now, but in the near future once my family's contracts go up, I might consider then.

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