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S2 4G Speed Test versus iPhone5 4G


S2 4G Speed Test versus iPhone5 4G

My manager has a new iPhone5 4G on the Sprint network, and I have the Samsung Galaxy-S2 4G also on the same Sprint network. We were in a part of the office complex where there is a tower nearby and we receive good 4G reception. So we each did the speed test. I was stunned because I was getting 6-7 Mbps while his iPhone was clocking at 24 Mbps. I asked him if that definatley was Mbps and he confirmed. How can there be such a difference? And if this is accurate, I will be heading to the iPhone in September when this contract expires.  


Both phones have different radio signals in them, so that's why you are seeing different speed test.

Galaxy SII is about two years older and iPhone 5 is almost a year old.

Really can't compare a old phone to a newer phone.


The SII uses WiMAX while the iPhone5 uses LTE. LTE is much faster than WiMAX as WiMAX  is an older technology.

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