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Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Fail and no one will help!


Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Fail and no one will help!

I made the mistake of trusting the professionals and downloaded the (Beta @ best) Ice Cream OS. Wow, was that ever a mistake. Here is a list of issues I currently am experiencing.

1) Battery Life has been reduced by 70%

2) Wifi will not refresh after the phone has been a sleep. I must disconnect and reconnect in order to use my WIFI.

3) My work e-mail account simply disappears from the phone when I go to check my e-mail it asked me to setup an e-mail account, AGAIN!

4) Swipe keyboard quit working, I found a work around online, no thanks to Samsung.

5) Several app Icons are missing even though they are installed on my phone.

6) Over all speed of the phone has been reduced by at least 50%

7) Calls being dropped all the time.

😎 Battery gets very warm for no apparent reason.

9) Numerous apps not operating properly or crashing.

10) Called Sprint and all I get is "We know that there are issues, we are sorry".....man, I wish I had an Iphone. ;(


I finally broke down and did a reset (tried taking battery out first without success) you will want to back up your data because it will erase it.



factory reset

Once I did that and it rebooted I received an "upgrade completed" and a message about roaming and if I wanted that type of error message which I answered NO, no more data roaming errors, my battery life has improved (not as good as it was before the upgrade but much better than the original upgrade) and even though the signal is not as good as it was before I can make calls without dropping from home again!

Also I changed a wifi setting to assist with battery life:



menu (bottom left)


change "keep WiFi on during sleep" to "only when plugged in"

Many of the apps I had I have decided not to reinstall because so many of them (if you take the time to read the terms) say they can take pictures/video at anytime without your knowledge, email and/or call people in your contacts without your knowledge! No thank you! My smart phone is now just for calls and emails.


  1. S.D710.10S.FF18, Android 4.0.4

Samsung Galaxy S2 epic 4g touch

I can no longer click navigation and type destination I have to go to maps then select navigation from the drop down menu and then you can type or speak designation so there are extra steps. 

My touch screen is very sensitive so some may want to go to language and input and change the pointer speed mine is set in the middle


I really wish all you people with the ICS upgrade would go back and read my post from 8/8. I am telling u to

Call the CEO PHONE NUMBERS  they start with 703 area code. Just try them all until you get a recording stating to leave your message

And someone will return your call in 24hours and they do  I have been in almost daily contact with a sprint executive and he has solved every ussue i have had. Heres the thing, he wasnt aware of the **** customer service by phone or by store but he is now and it is being investigated

The more people who call the more the highet ups will want the problems fixed. Oh and you are calling a sprint number so you should not get charged for it. Quit wasting time and stress and get someome who will really help you. Google sprint ceo and look for the link that says 25 execytive numbers call all numbers for ceo until u get the recording then soeak your mind i was screaming into the phone for five straifht minutes and at 7am the next morning i got my call back. So keep trying your way or believe there are higher ups who want to help.


Read my post SShand1313 please!


Please read my post from today and from 8/8  it will help you..  SShand1313


Complaining is one thing... getting the phone back to operational state is another.  Suggest backing up your data and either flash a clean build on there - or if you would prefer, take it to a store and have the techs do that for you.


yah quite a few people have had major improvements once they did the FR...some actually do a FR right before they downloaded the OTA and never had any of the issues..

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

I have been a loyal customer for over 13 years. And because of the piss poor coverage that has plagued the area for months on end, I too am planning to switch providers when my contract expires this summer. It took two months of calling on the issue for them to even declare that the problem was rooted to the 4g lte tower upgrades. Damn 4g lte if in order to achieve it I have to experience months of dropped calls, no internet access, email failure notifications, and a slew of other degenerative services. And that's not to mention that I purchased an Galaxy S2 that worked fine until sprint sent out a system update with the dreaded ice cream sandwich software, that utterly ruined my phone in every way possible. And sprints only answer to that problem is send me a new S2 with the same damn ICS update, possessing identical issues. Found in its last two predecessors. They ruined the phone and refused to offer me a comparable replacement, or an opportunity to pay for a.new phone at the upgrade rate as a courtesy to all the bull I've put up with dealing with this damn phone, and tower issues to top it off. I've always been pro sprint. Even when all my friends left, and I stayed. But for what, I ask myself. Shitty service, and an unmatched , disproportionate sum of loyalty that I've shown to them reciprocated from a provider that can demand my bill be satisfied monthly, but not command quality service and satisfaction from even their most loyal of customers. Sprint has truly shamed me.

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