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Samsung Galaxy S2 screen won't come on.


Samsung Galaxy S2 screen won't come on.

My S2 froze on me today and the only way to get it to unfreeze was to take the battery out and put it back in. After I did this I pressed the power button to boot the phone back up. The blue led flashed on to indicate that the phone was booting but the screen itself stayed black (no logo or anything ever appeared). After a few seconds more the Menu, Home, Back, and Search keys all lit up (I had changed settings some time ago to have them light up while the phone is on). After a few more seconds the red led started to blink (I have unread messages and I'm aware of that). However, no matter how long I waited nothing ever appeared on the screen itself, it just remained black.

I've tried pulling the battery out and putting it back in several times but still get the same results as described above. I've also tried exchanging batteries with my wife (she also has an S2). My phone experiences the same problem as above with either of the two batteries while my wife's phone boots up perfectly with either of the two batteries. I can't do a factory reset as that involves seeing certain menus on the screen but the screen doesn't show anything. Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try short of taking the phone to a service center?


Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 screen won't come on.

It doesn't sound like a battery, it sounds like water damage or a bad digitizer. I think you will have to have it checked out.

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