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Samsung Galaxy S2 stuck in a boot loop...


Samsung Galaxy S2 stuck in a boot loop...

This phone has not nor was it ever rooted.

It froze up on me earlier, I left it sit for a good 30 minutes, thinking it was trying to load a program.  It was still frozen so I pulled the battery, now it's stuck in a boot loop.  I have tried different batteries, I have tried holding the power button and then restarting it, nothing like that is working.  Any ideas?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 stuck in a boot loop...


Thank you for posting. I will be happy to help. We need to do a hard rest on the device to see if it is a software issue or a hardware issue. (Before you do the hard reset make sure you back up your information.) If you need help just reach out and I will be more then happy to help. Let me know if that helped. Thanks.

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