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Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S2

I purchased my S2 in January and 3 months later it started heating up.  I took it to a store in May and they swapped the battery.  It really didn't help but I wanted to give it some time.  I took the device in to a repair store 2 weeks ago.  Now when i brought the phone into the repair center it was hot and it was acknowledged that it was hot!!  Then it was taken back for diagnostics and during that time the phone didn't get hot. guessed still gets hot and now the up-time is very sporadic.  I am having difficulty receiving and sending text messages, the device doesn't hold it's charge, some of my downloaded applications aren't working and connectivity is not good. I'm frustrated because we no longer have PREMIER privileges and I will have to bear the burden of the cost for a replacement.

Just not sure about what to do but very frustrated!!!!

Any others with S2's experiencing problems??!!??


Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

I used to have samiliar issues with mine.  Its all software related.  there is a new udate that hel your S2 run better and give you awesome battery life.

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