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Samsung Galaxy SII - "SD card unexpectedly removed" and still has jumping menu after update


Samsung Galaxy SII - "SD card unexpectedly removed" and still has jumping menu after update

Hello - just like the title says. I've had my phone for a few months. Right off the bat it would unmount the SD card and say that the card had been unexpectedly removed. Then it would mount the card again. It ws also doing the thing where the menus pop up and it freezes. I took it to the sprint service center and they told me I needed an upgraded SD card and reset the phone.

I ordered the newest SD card, with the highest upgrade and my phone was working really well for awhile, except that it would still jump all over the place. I ran an update that stopped the jumping, But then out of nowhere it started dropping the SD card AGAIN. I took it back to the service center, where they ignored me when I told them that the jumping was gone, but it was still dropping the SD card. I left my phone for 2 hours and when I returned they told me they had reset it, so it should stop jumping.

Now, the phone jumps worse than ever AND drops the SD card every time I unlock my phone. Any ideas? The phone has the insurance on it and should still be under warranty.


You are more than likely not going to like what I am about to tell you...Get rid of the phone! Honestly, the phone has been a nightmare ever since it received the ICS upgrade back in August of last year. Each and every patch that was sent out to correct existing problems, only seemed to bring in a batch of newer problems and make the S2 experience even worse than before. I upgraded to the S2 around March of last year and finally got rid of the thing just this past Thanksgiving due to all the techincal problems I continued to have. My only advice to you would be to contact Sprints customer service over the phone each and every time you have problems so you have documentation of all the problems. When a new problem or the existing problem still troubles you, remind customer service that you have a long history of problems. Eventually custmer service will have no other choice but to let you lateral over to a phone that is equal to the S2. I was able to get away from my S2 without changing my contract or spending one penny for my new Motorola Photon 4G.



Print out the pertinent details you find in this thread, and tell your service reps to repair your phone.  It sounds like you might have two distinct problems here, though-- the bad touchscreen hardware plus a faulty microSD card socket.

If they continue to stonewall you, then tell them you want to escalate your claim, get on the phone and talk to their supervisors.

Please do report back here, let us know how things go for you; if nothing else, a customer service rep online might be able to get you a replacement phone.

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