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Screen broken, how to retrieve unread messages?


Screen broken, how to retrieve unread messages?

Hi guys, so i dropped my phone today as i was getting out of the car and when i picked it up the screen was no longer functioning properly, only showing me random blue, green and red dots/lines. Since then, ive gotten a fair amount of text messages as the phone still vibrates and plays notification sounds. 

I was wondering if there is any way to retrieve/backup these messages before i get a new phone or if it is possible for the unread messages to be sent to my new phone?

Or, if nothing else, is it possible to get just the screen itself fixed instead of purchasing an entirely new phone?

Any response or advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!


Screen broken, how to retrieve unread messages?

A Sprint authorized repair center may be able to repair the screen. If they can replace the screen without affecting the operating system the messages should stay as saved in the thread in messaging.  In most cases once those messages are delivered to your phone you will not have the ability to see them again. I have an app called SMS BACKUP and RESTORE that creates a backup file and saves it to my SD card on a schedule once per day. You may want to consider an app like that for the future.



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