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Screen reverts to top of page on its own-ICS 4.0.4 GSII


Screen reverts to top of page on its own-ICS 4.0.4 GSII

Every time I scroll on a webpage the screen automatically reverts to the top of the page. I scroll back to where I want it, it goes back to the top again. I've tried battery pull, power cycle, changing all applicable settings available on the web browser on my GSII (not many), and have cleared data in the 'Manage Applications' section of the Settings menu. Issue persists on mobile network and/or wifi, on desktop and/or mobile version(s). This is intermittent but often enough to piss me off, especially when I have to go fullscreen on a video to keep from having to scroll down fifty times, missing half the video along the way. I'm hoping the answer is software update. I'm guessing the answer is to upgrade.


You're better off with using Chrome or FireFox. As the one that installed with the phone is crap.

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