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Sprint - Enough is enough, PLEASE fix the ICS Battery Issues


Sprint - Enough is enough, PLEASE fix the ICS Battery Issues

This problem is affecting just about anyone who updated to ICS on the E4GT.  FH13 is just as bad, and possibly worse than FF18.

I've read the forums and discussions on this topic and it's sad to see the run around that the reps are giving these people.

"Have your battery checked"

"Disable this and disable that"

"Turn your brightness down"

"It must be an app thats draining"

"Do a factory reset and clear the cache"

The runarounds are endless.  None of us had this problem before the update, so all these little fixes shouldn't be neccesary. I used to brag about this phones battery life because it was outstanding.  Now, my phone is dead by 11am if I start my day at 6am.  When you check the battery drain report, it's always showing Android OS as the top drain.  This was NEVER the case before.  It also explains why the phone drains even when not being used. On top of the battery issue, there are many other common issues if you read through the forums.

There are hundreds of threads about this same issue.

The first step would be to acknowledge this as a serious issue instead of providing fixes that don't work.  Just to hear that a new fix is coming would be great instead of knowing we are stuck with this update for good.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix our phones.  Not only is it a huge inconvenience, but it also costs some of us money and a lot of time.  If your development team is struggling to find the issue, it may be time to seek some outside help, there is plenty of it.

Thank you and I appreciate all of your hard work.


What is the major culprit of battery usage that you are seeing since the upgrade? Is it the Android System "Cell Standby"? If so then I think we are all waiting for a update from Samsung to address this issue. There are solutions but those cannot be mentioned on this forum for fear of violating your warranty.


Yep, that's the issue. The battery life is flat out TERRIBLE

I had another post in this thread but it looks like they deleted it.  All I did clear up for a mis-informed user that this isn't googles fault.

Sprint touches the build last before it hits phones.

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