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Sync Epic 4G with Outlook Contacts - w/o Google


Sync Epic 4G with Outlook Contacts - w/o Google

Have had the Epic 4G since first of the year and never been able to get it to reliably work in Syncing with Outlook on the desktop.

Take Google and clouds and stars and pink horses out of the picture, this is a Smart Phone, a USB cable and a desktop PC with Outlook 2010.

For years enjoyed Windows Mobile, it just worked, when it came to syncing my desktop PC to my Smart Phone, for my Outlook Contacts, Email, Calendar and Notes.

First couple months,  KIES  seemed to do some of this, at least for me, it sync'd though not smoothly, my Outlook Contacts with the Epic's Contacts.

Recently, not sure if was after the 4th or 5th Sprint service visit, or after a recent KIES update, but now  'Outlook'  is not listed in the "Contacts - sync with..." drop-down box.   Have gone to an older version I first got in January, have gone to the latest version, neither seems to give Outlook in the drop down any longer.  It used to.

I have looked at other programs.  Just wasted time with the 14-day trial for Companion, which requires you to go get some free Deja app, which after fumbling with settings, does not Sync the Outlook Contacts.

I have no interest in creating a 3rd party Gmail account and having my contacts, my email, and one more account I don't need, in the equation.  Just want to sync the desktop PC with Outlook 2010  (no exchange Server, just the desktop), with the phone.  Seems many say it works, sure would like to be one of them.

So is there a simple clear way to just...  sync a SamSung Epic 4G S2,  with a desktop PC and Outlook 2010 Contacts?

   How about email syncing?  Sure hate that now, my emails typed in the Pop3 on the desktop, can't get sync over to the phone.

Via hard wire USB is fine, via Wifi would be neat.  For this to work would be great...

Does the Epic S3 work any better or same Android / Samsung Epic / Spring failure in this simple sync to a desktop?

Hating the Epic more each Sprint failure or excuse...


PS:  the 4G thing was bad enough, the worse than poor general 3G cell service with the Epic is sad, but syncing is just one more reason, this thing it don't work right for me and Sprint don't care.


Greetings Frolin1,

I, too, transitioned from Win-Mobile to the GS2 in January.  Like you, I wanted a means of syncing to Outlook on my PC without putting my data on anyone's cloud.  I struggled for a week or two trying different apps, including KIES.  Then I came across the app that I have used successfully until today.  It's called VCOrganizer (Vecal Industries).  See there website here:  You can sync by USB, WiFi or bluetooth with purchase of additional licenses for small additional fees.

It's worked very well for me, my son and my wife.

Good luck and hope you find your solution soon.

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