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Temporary Answer to Loss of Signal?


Temporary Answer to Loss of Signal?

So, as with everyone, I am having problems with losing signal. I was moseying around the Android Market last ngiht and stumbled upon the following app:

It seems pretty nice, I used the trial version and it looked good and worked right (I get the ESPN noise when I lose signal now). It doesn't fix the problem, but I don't go for an hour without knowing about it anymore.

If anyone else tries it, let us know what you think. I bought it (the trial has a 20-signal-loss limit) and it's been kinda nice. Doesn't hurt the battery either. Just thought I'd drop a line in case anyone wants to check it out.

All the screenies are of an Epic Touch (or so they look), so obviously the guy developed this with us in mind. Kinda cool of him to make one for non-root users!

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