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Terrible, Terrible data speeds in stockton, ca.


Terrible, Terrible data speeds in stockton, ca.

Let me explain my issue. I just moved back here with my family and I added a line for my dad not realizing that I would run in to terrible data speeds. I used to get decent speeds in souther california, but in zipcode 95209 Stockton ca, I dont care about anywhere else, I do want atleast reliable 3g speeds at my house.

I have evo 3d and epic 4g touch they both suffer from terrible 3g speeds where I live.

Tech support over the phone is no help, they will make you data reset your phone for hours before asking did it get a little bit better yet? they want you to say yes so you say that they have resolved your problem if you tell them it is not the phone because both phones are doing it, then all they say is lets do the profile update one more time and hope it gets better this time, really makes me mad but I am too nice to say confront them over the phone.

All I want is to submit a ticket or let someone know that the data speeds suck in my area.

Here are the speeds.

Download: 10-100kb and upload is like 13kb

the ping could average from 500-6000

I was happy that I get 4g in my room and boy I was disappointed.

4G speeds

Download: 500kb avg.

I used to get about 4-5mb in so cal and used to get advertised speeds on 3g. I cant believe people on the phone wont submit a ticket for me, knowing that it is not my phone, they offer to replace a phone that is perfectly fine.

The funny thing is I get the same signal strength that I used to get down in so-cal. Yes the tech support people are nice, but being nice doesn't really mean they wanna resolve your problem. All I got was sir there is nothing wrong in your area, it is not our network.

Thanks to whoever can help me here.

I will repeat again it is not my phone, I have even tried a photon, evo 3d(my dads phone) and I replaced the photon with the epic touch 4g. I have the same speeds with all three phones.


If a tech can check out my area it would be nice. Thanks.


I hear updating your PRL can help sometimes, go to settings, about phone, and system undates, touch update prl.


I have updated profile, prl, 100 times. No go. As I said its all around the city. When I go to work in another town about 25 miles away I get advertised speeds, it is not my phone it is the network, I have had no response from the tech support and not even a response to the message I sent to one of the tech here on forums. I saw the tech helping others and I thought may be.

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