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Thinking about breaking contract.


Thinking about breaking contract.

I have an Epic 4G Touch. I never get 4G whether I'm inside or out. 3G is horrible no matter where I'm  at. Using the app The highest 4G data speeds I got were 1.2MBPS. Never have I been passed that. Oh and did I tell you I live in Philadelphia, Pa zip code 19142. Clearly Philadelphia is a 4G and a good 3G area. So I fony understand why this is happening.  My bill is currently $273.00 because I refuse to pay due to poor service and lack of customer care. Im ready for them to just permantly suspend my account so I can go and flash my phone to cricket wireless. Should I break my contract? And I wouldn't dare give this scummy company $350 for an ETF. Is there a way to just tell them to turn it off early, so I can go ahead and flash to cricket? Thanks


Re: Thinking about breaking contract.

So you never get 4G, huh? Then how do you have 1.2 MBPS (which isn't horrible, by the way)?

Suggestion: try not to whine too much when the creditors come for you. Some of us barely have reception -- forget wireless data.


Re: Thinking about breaking contract.

You can continue to just not pay your bill, but eventually your account will go into collections and your credit score will be routinely screwed over every month you refuse to pay your bill. Eventually, you will be harassed by creditors, possibly to the point where authorities will come and arrest you for stealing service(yes, they can and have done that in the past for lengthy failures to pay your bill. They have the legal right to do that and can exercise it at will.)

OR, you could be an adult and just pay your bill. Not liking the service is no excuse to just not pay the bill. You were mature enough to sign a legally binding contract for the service, you should be mature enough to pay what you owe(yes, you do owe Sprint money) and cancel your service.

To answer your question "Is there a way to just tell them to turn it off early", paying your remaining balance AND your ETF THEN cancelling your service would be a good way for them to turn your service off early.

I would also just like to remind you that Cricket buys their service off of Sprint, so any issues you're having would not go away.

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