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Time Zone Error?


Time Zone Error?

I, like many use my phone as a clock and wake up alarm. Today when I walked into work, I thought the work clocks were screwy.  My coworkers were quickly amused by my confusion.  Turns out I was an hour late. I looked at my phone, it was an hour behind the work clock. I had Auto Date and Time set to off, but Auto Time Zone on.  It showed my time zone as GMT 6/Central Standard Time. I am in Minneapolis MN, and during the Summer we are supposed to be in GMT 5/ Central Daylight Time.  If I set the time myself, and then turned on Auto Date and Time (network provided), which reverted the time back to the incorrect time.  I unchecked and rechecked the Auto Time Zone box, and it corrected the time to GMT 5.  Is this kind of glitch related to ICS, Towers/Network (rebooting/upgrading?), or some other error?  It is quite hard to change the time mistakenly in your pocket as it takes many steps to do so.  I also recall that my computer time matched the phone's time before bed at 2 am.  Was using app called "Alarm Clock Xtreme Free" for morning alarm, and cannot change phone time manually through app settings.  Anyone else have the same issue?

Samsung S2 Epic 4G Touch, upgraded to ICS about a month ago.

Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

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Re: Time Zone Error?

Sorry for the inconvenience. I would suggest you to keep Automatic date and time & Automatic time zone has to be checked. Normally, your phone updates date and time via Sprint Network. Please power cycle the phone and update  data profile so that network can update the correct time and data for your location.Let me know.




Re: Time Zone Error?


my phone is a  kyros dura plus, my wifes phone is a flip kyros, and my sons is a samsug smart phone

we are all having the same trouble with the time being an hour behind the actual time , this issue does correct itself  in a few hours but shortly after that it changes back an hour on all phones. this happens several times a day lately this week. is sprint having trouble with their software or towers? and if yes any idea of a fix being done?



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