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Unusual Screen When Connected To Desktop Dock...

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Unusual Screen When Connected To Desktop Dock...

I have the Samsung desktop dock. When I plug the phone into it, a different screen comes up with the time, a calander, and a bunch of different apps such as music player, gallery, alarm & internet. When it is plugged in, i cant go back to my regular home screen.

I checked all the settings and couldnt figure out anything.

Any help would be great,


P.S. The JB update is ok. My phone gets really hot when listeining to music & I miss the ability to control brightness by sliding along the notification bar.


Re: Unusual Screen When Connected To Desktop Dock...

Check under Settings, Accessory, then uncheck "Desk home screen display".  This is just a feature that brings you to a dock friendly screen with dock capable apps to play music, movies etc.. from the dock connections.  This might help.

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