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WTF I can't call 911??? Isn't this a federal requirement?


WTF I can't call 911??? Isn't this a federal requirement?

Heard someone unload their gun about a block from me. Grabbed my phone and dialed 911. It beeped and informed me that it was dialing an emergency number and then just sat there counting the time with no ring or answer. After I don't know how long it disconnected and gave me the option to redial or wait for a call back. What kind of crap is this? After hitting redial like I’m sure all of us would do. I then got a call from some local number and then I tried answering that line my phone just started beeping and I couldn't do a damn thing. I eventually had to start over. Again after calling 911 nothing. I waited for the call back and I finally was able to speak to someone. What if I was the one shot. Are we really expected to have to deal with this type of bullshit while we're dealing with an emergency?

Completely unacceptable and grounds for me to discontinue service!!!!!! I will be reporting this. I can’t even imagine having this happen if I were caught in a really bad car accident barely able to function. I honestly smell one hell of a lawsuit brewing. This is not an optional function it’s a federal requirement. You could very easily have someone’s death on your hands do to such a failure.


In my experience, this is a crappy product rather than any malice.

1) Sprint's network is sparse and overloaded

2) Roaming never works unless I go out of my way to manually update the PRL while Sprint is in range

3) The Epic Fail has poor reception

4) The Epic Fail locks up on 1/3 of my incomming calls

5) The Epic Fail suddenly runs its battery dead with weak reception

6) The Epic Fail GPS doesn't work reliably so 911 won't know where you are

There's absolutely no time that I can count on my phone.  I only give out my landline number to people.

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