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Wake lag issues with SD card


Wake lag issues with SD card

There is a bug/nuisance where the phone comes back from a deep sleep takes longer when there is an SD card in the phone vs when there is no SD card

Here is a video of it with SD

Little less than 2 seconds from sleep button press

W/O SD card

Around .5 second

This is not an issue when the phone is plugged in to a power source

I've checked other forums regarding the issue but noone had any solutions so i came here.


Re: Wake lag issues with SD card

From what you posted it looks like something in the operating system interface, particularly the sleep function/programming, has the device perform something behind the scenes leading to the delay.I am sure you have seen other devices reading SD card during boot but I have never seen one delay due to sleep. Hopefully someone is aware and will include an update in a maintenance release in the future. They will categorize this a "not performance affecting" even though it is an unecessary delay in the operating system.

Thanks for the heads up - I am forwarding to our device team.



Re: Wake lag issues with SD card

It doesn;t seem to be doing anything, this happens with all SD card whatever class, i havnt tried smasung brand of cards, thought i doubt that will help.

a guys with the same issue same device

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