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default email app sends emails with "low importance"

default email app sends emails with "low importance"

I have a problem with the default Android email app on my Samsung Galaxy S II. No matter what account I use, it always sends email that have a flag of "low importance", i.e. when this email arrives to the mailbox it has a blue arrow pointing down. This happends with my business IMAP , hotmail, and gmail accounts. This is very annoying.


I do show that there is no option to change the importance of outgoing email in the default email application on the galaxy s2 Epic 4G Touch.  However, maybe you could try using a different email application.  By far, the most popular email application on Android is K-9 Mail.  It has the most features and settings.  It is very customizable.  Of course this is a 3rd party application and so Sprint wouldn't be able to provide support for it, but it's worth a try.  I use it.  It's free and in the Android market.




I have the exact same problem. I contacted Samsung, who were totally useless. Here is what they had to say:

Visitor:  hello

Shelby:  Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?

Visitor:  I have  been told by several email recipients that every email I send from my  Epic 4G is coming over with a "Low Priority" Flag. I have searched  everywhere and cant seem to find where to change this...can you tell me?

Visitor:  This email account is a standard POP3

Shelby:  I understand that you want to change the priority for emails on your SPH-D710 phone. Am I correct?

Visitor:  yes

Shelby:  Thank you for the confirmation.

Shelby:  I will assist you with the information.

Visitor:  OK

Shelby:  I  would like to inform you that the priority settings are set by the email  services, there are configurable options to set priority for emails on  the phone.

Shelby:  I am sorry for the confusion.

Shelby:  I have found the options to set the priority.

Visitor:  where?

Shelby:  Please follow the steps below to set the priority.

Visitor:  waiting....

Shelby:  1. On the email account Inbox, press Menu and tap List by.

Visitor:  ok

Shelby:  2. Select from the options to sort email messages by date received, priority, subject, sender, or size.

Visitor:  There is no option for Priority

Visitor:  The options I have are:

Visitor:  Date (most recent)

Visitor:  Date (oldest)

Visitor:  Sender (A to Z)

Visitor:  Sender (z to a)

Visitor:  Read/Unread

Visitor:  Favorites

Visitor:  That is all there is

Shelby:  May I know the email account you are referring?

Visitor:  not sure what you mean...

Shelby:  Are you referring to gmail?

Visitor:  No

Visitor:  I have an email account set up with Comcast, it's a POP3 account

Shelby:  Thank you for the details.

Shelby:  There  are no other configurable options to set the priority, you need the  service provider, they will help you if there an option to set priority  from their end.

Visitor:  I already have done that. They say it's the phone

Shelby:  I am sorry for the inconvenience.

The email interface on this phone is a JOKE


I asked my  manager about this issue yesterday before I posted to try a different email application from the market.  He said the priority is set by the email provider.  Samsung has said the same thing.  I have never seen where you can set the priority on any email account I've used, but maybe you can contact your email provider's IT department for assistance?  I hope you're able to get this fixed.  Thank you-



I concur with this.  While I can't find an option to mark a message urgent, none of my e-mails are marked low importance upon receipt regardless of the account I send or receive from.  The behaviour is the same on this phone as it is on my Xoom. 


I tried sending emails using the default email on my Samsung Galaxy S II from three different email account - my business IMAP, gmail, and hotmail. From all the three accounts the email gets delivered with a flag "low importance" if I use the default Samsung/Sprint email client installed on GSII. The email provider in all cases is different, the "outgoing" server is different, yet the flag set consistently the same. I tried sending emails with K9 client and the emails are delivered without the "low importance" flag. Clearly, there is something wrong with the default Samsung EMAIL client, not with the email providers or the way their treat emails send from Spring IP addresses.

To me, since all this was provided by Sprint, Sprint is responsible for fixing the issue.



     Try taking a look at the EVO 4G - there is a spot to set the flag in the email client. This option is universal on almost all email clients such as outlook, yahoo, gmail etc. Phones that have it are pretty common too...see the newly posted comments from the originator of this thred...he tried it with multipple differnt mail providers and had the same result with all. That would indicate that it's either a software problem on the phone or (god forbid) a Problem with the Sprint Network. As I have posted on various other threads (Including "Issues with Epic 4G) in this forum, the Email client on this phone is a mess - non-intuitive, not well thought out and generally borderline useless for anyone who does a lot of email...it's clearly in need of a major update from Samsung.


Like I said, why not try a different email client?  You aren't forced to use the one that comes on the device.  The market has several to choose from...  Use the application that has the features you want.  It is so easy to download and install an email application. 



I guess because I PAID 200$ for this phone, my expectation was that it would WORK as is....pipe dream....adding another email client is a possibility, but WHY should I have to?  I would expect major corporations like Samung and Sprint to SUPPORT their products, not refer their customer off to 2nd level software suppliers for a "solution" to an ovious problem


I believe the difficulty is that this does not happen to every user of his phone.  None of us have the problem you describe regardless of the e-mail service used. 


Pasha_Petukhov and Londo - I know that it may be cumbersome and time consuming but have you done a factory reset? This may correct the problem?

robotaholic - If performing a factory reset does not take care of the issue then it needs to be addressed. Although this may be a low priority defect, it apparently has happened to more than one phone and is not specific to the mail service. This should be noted as a defect and sent to Samsung. Whether it is Samsung or Sprint that tries to troubleshoot the issue, it should at least be acknowledged. After addressing the issue, "one" of the options given to users would be a different mail app (until the defect is corrected) and hopefully future releases of Samsung phones would have the default mail app rid of this defect. Just saying.....


I do not believe a factory data reset will fix it.  I have checked out a few Epic Touch phones from our phone library here (all of which have been factory reset several times...in fact every time they are returned) and they still send email with 'low importance' from the default email application. 

Of course it should not do this and the issue has been forwarded to our device known issues group.  Until then I have been trying to provide a solution right now that will allow @Londo & @Pasha_Petukhov to get their email business done.


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