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little tired of all the complaints


little tired of all the complaints

did the manual update to my phone...did a factory reset just before and just after update...everything works flawlessly...i admit the first day of having the update my battery life sucked! 40% used in 2 used to 30% in 7 hours...and my phone did get quite warm...but since doing full charge cycle 100% to 0...back to 100, ive had no issues at all and my battery life has improved drastically from when i was on GB...admittedly i do prefer the look and layout of GB to ICS, but im learning to love it as much as ICS on my tab. everyone here complaining of issues, try to talk about it in a calm rational manner rather than bad mouth a great phone and company and scare off the ones that dont know better...most of if not all of your issues are user error, plain ignorance, and impatience...get over it...battery life is expected to suck the first few days as the new OS gets settled in...happens every time i flash a new rom or update on my moms phone...then once it settles its back to normal.

i mostly wanted to get it out there that for all the people worried of the update. so far, ive come across no bugs or issues...only annoyance is scrolling is a bit faster than before, but if thats the only thing, no worries...i suggest doing a factory reset of the device just before and just after the update so it installs to a clean slate, and then gets cleaned to the NEW that and do a full charge cycle on the battery..charge to 100...drain to 0...charge to that once or twice and you should be golden


Re: little tired of all the complaints

To all struggling with or interested in the ICS update to the Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S2:

Please consider reviewing the link below and adding your thoughts on the larger mobile computing/Android industry implications raised by the flawed ICS update.

Thank you.

Re: Failed and COSTLY Ice Cream Sandwich update and Swype fix (Epic 4G Touch Samsung Galaxy S2)

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