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Re: private message

chlohan1 Thanks for your input. If you Have any questions or concerns that we can address for you please let us know. - Eric
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Re: private message

This is the best solution. SprintCare has a very difficult time of sharing the best answer. 

From chlohan1:  "They are extremely difficult to find and the Sprint site is super confusing. The best way is to use this is to first sign in to the Sprint site, then use this link: Next, click on the blue "Private Message" link. Then click "cancel" at the bottom on the email screen. This will take you to a page showing your sent and received messages on the right side."

Just book mark everything or you'll never get back.  Sprint is notorious for having all this technical stuff that isn't tied together very well.  I know it's part of having a gazillion legacy systems to manage, but still, it seem relatively unacceptable that SprintCare can't provide a solid response at the very beginning.  There's a bit too much compartmentalization, which I get, otherwise everyone would have free phones and service! 

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