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samsung galaxy s2


samsung galaxy s2

Not sure how to post this public. But I found a temp. cure for battery issues with the galaxy.  Now it won't fix the problem but noticed after I updated my profile in the "system updates" option.That plus maybe has something to do with the numerous hard resets I've attempted shortly before this.  But at least for now its gotten me to the point where I can unplug my phone without it beeping and saying "high voltage".  It says I have a full charge but I know it could say almost dead at any moment of the day. and my battery seems to mentally be stuck as if it is still charging. Msg in upper corner reads "battery charge 100%. Unplug" even though it is.  Since experiencing these issues myself I will keep trying to resolve it and if I make more progress or solve it I will post what steps I took to try N help anyone else.  Good luck to everyone. Hope this helps.

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