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vlingo launches automatically


vlingo launches automatically

My epic 4g touch launches the voice menu for Vlingo whenever I plug in a 3.5mm plug that is attached to my car stereo. This wouldn't really be a problem except whenever the aux jack is plugged in the phone's mic is disabled. Anyone else have the same issue? If the plug is removed the mic works and vlingo responds to voice commands. The only thing that i can think of is to tether the phone to a car stereo that has bluetooth to avoid this, but I don't have that kind of stereo yet. Any ideas to fix this? It would be nice to prevent vlingo from starting up and when it does to use the built in mic while the aux 3.5mm plug is in.



vlingo launches automatically

basically it thinks youre plugging in a wired headset. this is the first i have actually heard of this problem. im still running the evo but im going to try it when i get home and see if does the same thing to me.

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vlingo launches automatically

I've just stopped using Vlingo and just use the normal Google Voice Search. [mainly because holding magnifying glass pops up Vlingo, then I have to tap another thing, then I have to say what I want to do.....Google Voice Search is directly to what I want to do, no intermediate tapping]  If you wanted to disable Vlingo, just go to menu -> settings -> applications -> manage applications, find Vlingo Voice whatever and "clear defaults".  I find Vlingo not that helpful.  You can already add "driving mode" in normal Google Voice Search which will read you your texts and emails.

AND, I'd suggest downloading the SVOX TTS with Grace voice ($2.99) but makes everything far easier to understand than the stock voices.  The Vlingo voice is alright, but it does quirky things, like you've already mentioned.

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