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3/21 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release (Android 2.2) - EC05


Re: 3/21 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release (Android 2.2) - EC05

The associates at that store have no idea what they're talking about and should be sent to remedial placement in order to learn to provide correct information.<br/><br/>

First off, deleting applications is the last thing you should do when clearing memory because they contain cached, fragmented, and user data.  The FIRST thing they should have had you do was enter you task killer and kill all applications using your device's RAM, which includes even your widgets.  Once you've done that you should notice even a slight performance improvement.  This shows you that fragmentation is what's lagging down your phone.  The next thing you'd do is follow this directory: Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Select "All" tab.  You'd then enter each application on your device and clear all the caches where available (Not to be confused with "Clear data) ".  This will not delete the app, delete valuable data, or anything of the sort. It only deletes useless and fragmented data...just like running a disk defragmenter on your PC.<br/><br/>

Before exiting, if on any version of Froyo, you'd change tabs to "Third Party."  Any application that is NOT currently using a widget and has "App 2 SD support" should must then be moved to your SD card.  This is vital for performance reasons.  Keep in mind this is NOT any form of application removal/deletion.  This way, any fragmentation is stored on the rather sizable 16 GB CARD and removed by you within the phone later without any noticeable change in performance quality of the device.  This is one of the major selling points of Froyo.<br/><br/>

Next step is research.  Go back to all the apps with/apps that are widgets in the market place, read the descriptions thoroughly and the reviews as well.  This will let you know if anyone has experienced performance issues since using the application.  If so AND you've noticed ANY similar issues remove the widget FIRST.  Widget permissions are different than normal application permissions.  When you remove the widget the application stops running in the background.  This does NOT guarantee the background data usage of said application will also cease!  As a last result of fixing this issue, if the issues continue, remove the application/widget in question entirely from your device.  Only repeat this step with all Third Part apps AFTER the following segment.<br/><br/>

Once you've done all the above and you're still not quite satisfied with the performance of your device, put on your "Kiss the Techie" hat and tee.  You'll have to connect your phone to your computer via USB -OR- (preferably) unmount the SD card, place it in its adapter, and put it into your computer.  It's best to remove the card from your phone in the rare instance you delete or alter something important...that way you won't crash an app that may subsequently crash your phone.  Back up ALL information from the card onto your system before altering anything.  This also idiot proofs your phone in case you feel like sharing and that ONE IDIOT we ALL know says "Oops! [giggle]" and turns your phone into a reenactment of the Holocaust.  Now it's time to flex those brain muscles and tax the be-geeses out of that memory of yours.  You manually delete the unused folders of applications you've permanently removed from your phone previously.  The more storage you have, the more back up memory your phone can summon when in need, all meaning better performance.  Also, any unnecessary data stored in currently used application folders should also be deleted (i.e - thumbnails to images you no longer have/use, copies of photos you no longer have/use, etc).  It also wouldn't hurt to organize/archive your files  while you're at it.  An organized system is a happy system.  The phone uses fewer resources when finding things, thus, increasing performance.<br/><br/>

If this process fails you THEN remove all Third Party apps and factory reset your phone.  Once you've set your phone back up and the issues resume, turn in the device for a replacement.  That's the information they SHOULD'VE given you.


Re: 3/21 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release (Android 2.2) - EC05


I added to receive email updates about topics where I have posted on the message board forum.  Despite deleting my original post, and changing the settings in my account to no longer receive such updates, I continue to receive emails from this one particular topic.  894 of them and counting!  PLEASE, PLEASE create a new discussion header with a similar topic.  All this will be archived regardless, and anyone at this point who is reading or posting is going to likely be asking about why they did not get the update, or performance issues post-update.  That is not the same topic is HOW TO GET THE UPDATE or HAVE YOU GOTTEN THE UPDATE YET, which made up the bulk of the original posts.  PLEASE.


Re: 3/21 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release (Android 2.2) - EC05

I agree...for ongoing discussions, please SEARCH the forums or see this thread.

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